The difference when gamers play for love or money


Gaming is the most popular form of entertainment. It is an activity that provides pleasure, fun, and excitement for the participant. Gaming can also be seen as a pastime activity for many people. It helps to eliminate boredom and keep the mind active.

However, being able to make money from games takes it to a whole new level. There’s a special kind of excitement that comes with knowing you will get some cash for winning in the game. While this should be an extra motivation for gaming, some people play just for the money.

In this article, we will discuss in detail the difference in the attitude of those who play for money and those who play for the love of games. But firstly, let’s see what ways we can make money from games.

Gaming for Money

There are several avenues to play games for money. These include gaming competitions, gambling games, esports, etc. The most popular form of making money through gaming these days is by playing at internet casinos.

There are many Indian casino sites available today. And these casino sites offer thousands of gambling games on their platforms. One could play popular games such as  Blackjack, Roulette and Poker. There are even native Indian games available on these sites. For example, you will be able to play teen patti for real cash on most of these casino sites. 

Playing for the love of games Vs Playing for Money

The difference between a gamer who plays for the love of the activity and one who plays strictly for money is quite clear. The motive makes them interact with games differently. While one has a passion for the game, the other one just wants to make money from it.

Those who play a game for the love of it usually excel better in such games. They take time to learn the rules and develop tricks to get better at playing. They’re also motivated by different things such as the challenge of attaining new levels in the game, cooperation with other players, and defeating their opponents.

On the other hand, those playing strictly for money are usually focused on winning the prize only. Instead of taking time to learn the rules of the game, some of them just look for shortcuts to win the prize. They also get easily frustrated when they lose the game and they may not be motivated to play again. Whereas, when you play for love and lose, you feel motivated to try again and attain success. 

What’s the best way to play?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to win games for money. But it is wise never to see gaming as a source of income, especially when playing casino games. Most casino games are determined by luck, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll win money from them. 

It is rare to see games of skill offered at casino sites. So, you would most likely not be able to play many skill games for money, except you’re a professional gamer.

The best way to approach casino games is to enjoy the games while hoping to make wins. Take time to choose casino games that you’re interested in. This will motivate you to learn their rules properly. You will also be motivated to study betting strategies and tips that can improve your chances.

Furthermore, when you love the game you’re playing, you’ll enjoy the time spent on it regardless of how many times you lose or win. In summary, make up your mind to love the games and enjoy them and see the potential cash prizes as just extra benefits.

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  1. When u go for a game. Keep budget. Never go beyond. it will kill you. Don’t bother even you loose your whole allotted ( just allotted ) Budget is lost .


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