Varla’s Dalit challenge to Jagan RS ticket to Reliance


TDP Rajya Sabha candidate Varla Ramaiah offered to withdraw his nomination if AP CM Jaganmohan Reddy allots one of the four Rajya Sabha seats is allotted to a dalit in the present elections. Varla put a condition that Reliance President Parimal Natwani’s RS seat should be given to one of the efficient dalit leaders who recently joined YCP from TDP. Varla took strong objection to Jagan giving RS ticket to Natwani, saying that Reliance Group was responsible for thousands of Dalit youths facing police cases. These Dalit youths have lost even government jobs because of the police cases filed in the YCP attacks on Reliance properties in Telugu states.

Varla Ramaiah said that Jagan Reddy insulted and cheated Dalits by supporting Reliance Natwani. Jagan accused the same Reliance Group for murder conspiracy behind YSR death in the past. Varla thanked Sakshi Media for giving him good publicity after his RS nomination chance given by Chandrababu Naidu.

Ramaiah hit back at YCP dalit leaders saying that the Dalit Ministers and MLAs have no respect in Jagan party. He said that he was being given importance to sit with Mr. Naidu in politburo meetings to discuss before taking all major decisions. Has any Dalit Deputy CM or Minister or MLA ever had this chance to sit with Jagan? asked Varla. Responding to rival criticism, Varla said that he was not the type of a leader to cry over anything but he would only roar and counter attack any rival.

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