Why Jagan facing anti-government feelings so soon?


The ruling YCP leaders are still in election campaign hangover. As is the boss, so are are the followers. CM Jaganmohan Reddy continues his anti-TDP rhetoric day in and day out. He appears least bothered to attend to his immediate people’s priorities in his new capacity as the Chief Minister. He is just making a passing reference of the ground level problems of the people. He is not running after the Ministers and administration to show results. Jagan is talking more about corruption in the previous government. His team has taken witch-hunt against TDP as the priority.

In this way, one precious month was wasted. Now, Jagan government is neck deep in problems. The Ministers are blaming the TDP for burning problems of shortage of subsidy seed and fertilizer and power cuts. The people want solutions and not complaints, criticism or blame game. Chandrababu Naidu has sensed these feelings of people against the government. He began his timely attack. Naidu says that it’s a government which has no experience and no commitment. YCP has bigger challenge to deliver results in Governance now.

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  1. utter chaos with no direction, policy, governance at macro and micro levels – water issues, health issues, agriculture issues, municipal hygiene and infrastructure crumbling – none to take responsibility to solve problems; blaming previous govt. does not help solve issues, remember 2014, Chandra Babu had much much challenging situations post bifurcation, managed very well ; jagan’s governance had been no-governance in 30+ days


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