12 Lowest Grossing Telugu Movies – USA 2016


[pullquote position=”right”] An young hero, who is struggling to make a mark and son of a well known actor, calls reputed overseas distributors repeatedly to release his movie and he is willing to bear all the losses. [/pullquote]USA Telugu movie market appears lucrative with high gross amounts such as 45 crores for Bahubali and  19 crore for Sreemanthudu. However, distributors fail to recognize that these are the exception and not the norm. These outstanding hits trigger mad rush in distributors circle to pay exorbitant price for subsequent big-ticket movies and incur heavy losses eventually.Misery of distributing big budgeted films is a familiar story by now and T360 has published breakeven analysis of all the major telugu movies in the last few months. In this article we are going to present the dismal performance of small-mid range Telugu movies in USA.

[pullquote position=”left”]An young hero with strong political connections, who doesn’t have any market in US, insisted that his movie should be released in 80 centers in US. [/pullquote]Overseas audience embrace feel good, comedy, family-based movies. Small movies do well only when they get unanimous positive reviews. Due to lack of star or brand value in USA, many movies sink at box-office without any trace. These limitations doesn’t stop small to mid range heroes and producers from tapping the USA market. Some of the heroes and producers are aware that they wouldn’t even recover expenses (forget about the price paid for distribution rights ), but still find either “kith and kin” or some ignorant new entrants to distribute their movie in USA. Below table is for the year 2016 alone to illustrate how small – mid range movies fared in USA. All movies incurred negative shares from theatrical screenings, coupled with the price they paid for distribution rights total loss is BIG for small movies too is the morale of the story.

2016 released and lowest 12 grossing movies – Exclusive on Telugu360.com

– Each theater’s mandatory expense is $800 which includes Disk, VPF costs

-In addition,Theaters keep 55% of the gross as their rental on average

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*Distribution rights are approximate and from best market sources

** Eedo Rakam, Ado Rakam has collected $4,000 USD in first three days , may hardly end up in recovering disks expense in full run

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