19-Year-Old Varun Fighting for his LIFE


Varun Kondi, a 19-Year-old has been “fighting for his life” for past 18 days in ICU at Saint Luke’s Plaza Hospital in Kansas City, After a heart and brain surgery. We humbly request your support by contributing to this fundraiser.

He first complained about leg pain and went to a primary care physician, Unfortunately, even with scientific advances, no one could identify the severity of the problem. After a few visits to the primary physician and a final visit to Saint Luke’s Plaza Hospital in Kansas City, He was diagnosed with the blood infection.

He was rushed into emergency open-heart surgery to replace all four valves. No student should have to go through this severe pain and surgery at this tender age of 19. By god’s grace, the first procedure was successful, and he was able to smile and speak to his beloved family members.

Sadly, Varun’s recovery was a false assurance of security. He had a brain hemorrhage, which complicated the situation further. Currently, he is sedated and has been in this state for the past 16 days in the ICU. As you can expect, the expenses for this treatment are expected to be very high.

No matter who this happens to, this is a big burden to carry as a friend, family member, or anyone else. Financial support is critical in this situation. While his family is fighting, we need to help them with this surprising bill. Supporters like you will give him a better chance of living a better life.

Kindly support Varun Kondi by Clicking this Link to Donate

This young man, who aspires to serve millions of people by becoming a Computer Engineer, now needs our help.

Chiranjeevi Varun is a 19-year-old Freshman at the University of Kansas. He is described by many of his friends as a kind, compassionate, and optimistic young man with a bright future. Varun was a Boy Scout who always tried to push through his fears in hopes of helping others.

After coming to Kansas not too long ago, he hoped to live the American Dream and study Computer Science. With an adjustment to the new society he lives in, he happily made many friends and fit in everywhere. These complications that arose stopped him from living his life as planned. As an active member of the American and Indian communities, he is known by many people.

It’s hard to think about him negatively because he never really gave anyone a reason to dislike him. Please help push Varun towards his goals by contributing. Every contribution will help Varun fund his fight.

It’s been a long and bumpy road for Varun and his family since he was diagnosed in early April 2020. Please support Varun today with a contribution generously – his life is hanging in the balance.

From the bottom of our heart we humbly ask you to share this link with friends and family and if possible, in giving (any amount will help) it would be greatly appreciated.  And most importantly keep varun in your prayers!

Contributing (CLICK HERE) to this fund is the most useful form of support we all can offer.

Yours truly,
Varun’s Friends and Well Wishers.

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