3 BJP Rajya Sabha MPs planning home’coming to TDP?


Are those turncoats who defected to other parties after the TDP lost the 2019 elections, now planning to return to the parent party? Soon after the crushing defeat of 2019, several prominent leaders of the TDP have joined the BJP. But now , it appears that all these leaders are trying to come back to the TDP.

Rajya Sabha MPs Sujana Chowdry, CM Ramesh and TG Venkatesh are said to thinking of joining hands with Chandrababu. They feel that they have not benefited by their association with the BJP. Also, their Rajy sabha terms are coming to an end by next year. There is no chance of their being reelected to the Rajya Sabha as the BJP does not have the required numbers in AP. Also, the BJP has no use for them as they have no influence outside AP.

Hence these leaders are now trying to join the TDP. Also they feel that they can be of some help to the TDP in case the elections are advanced. Sources say that Chandrababu too is paving way for re-entry. He is said to be of the opinion that their financial muscle would be needed if Jagan calls for early elections.

But, some party loyalists are said to be opposing the re-entry of these three MPs. They feel that by giving importance to defectors would undermine the hard work done by loyal party workers. But, Chandrababu appears determined to bring them back.

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