AP BJP threatens defamation suit against DGP


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has taken serious note of DGP Gautam Sawang’s statement. The BJP has demanded the DGP to give clarity on his accusations against the BJP leaders in the temple attack cases. The DGP has vaguely talked about the involvement of the BJP leaders in desecrations. But, the real cases were relating to social media comments. How can social media comments be interpreted as attacks on temples?

BJP AP President Somu Veerraju has written a letter to the DGP seeking clarification. He has demanded the DGP to give an explanation. Because of the DGP’s vague statements, a wrong impression is gaining ground among the public that the BJP leaders were behind the temple attacks.
Veerraju threatened that if there is no acceptable clarification, the BJP would file a defamation suit against the DGP. Even criminal proceedings would be launched.

This Sankranti witnessed heated responses of the Opposition leaders against the DGP statement. Both the TDP and the BJP solely focused their attack on the DGP. Doubtless to say, the DGP’s statement effectively served the YCP’s purpose to embarrass the rivals for this festive season.

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