AP High Court serves notices on Nandigam Suresh, Amanchi Krishna Mohan & 47 others


Taking suo motu notice of disparaging comments made against the judiciary, the Andhra Pradesh High Court on Tuesday served notices on 49 people, including Bapatla MP Nandigam Suresh and former Chirala MLA Amanchi Krishna Mohan.

The High Court issued notices to Bapatla YSRCP MP Nandigam Suresh for his recent controversial remarks against the court. At a press briefing, the Bapatla MP attributed motives to the court stating that TDP president and former chief minister Chandrababu Naidu was managing even courts. “Chandrababu Naidu seems to know the High Court verdict 10 minutes in advance. Chandrababu’s call list should be examined to verify if he is involved in the judgement process.” These are not just highly objectionable remarks, but amount to contempt of court.

The High Court also served notice on former Chirala MLA Amanchi Krishna Mohan for making remarks that are contempt in nature. While Nadigam Suresh had cast aspersions on the courts with his “Naidu managing courts” remarks, YSRCP leader and former Chirala MLA Amanchi Krishna Mohan found fault with the High Court directive to the CBI to probe the police highhandedness against Dr Sudhakar Rao.

The civil surgeon of Narsipatnam government hospital was suspended for raising his voice against shortage of medical equipement like masks, gloves and PPEs. On the pretext of drunk driving, the police dragged him on the streets, his shirt removed, his both hands tied with a rope while a constable repeatedly delivered blows with his lathi. The videos of the same went viral.

Taking suo motu cognizance of the way Dr Sudhakar Rao was harassed, the High Court had directed the CBI to thoroughly probe the incident. Reacting to this, Amanchi Krishna Mohan said it was petty case, one that does not warrant a CBI investigation. “It’s a petty case. For every petty case, a CBI investigation should not be ordered. The High Court ordering CBI probe has surprised everyone in the state,” he said. He didn’t stop there. Fuming at the HC directive, the YSRCP leader further said people will lose faith in the courts with such directives. “It is not correct to comment on court verdicts, but it is not correct on the part of the court to order a CBI probe,” he commented. The YSRCP leader said that he would have launched an agitation against the court directive but for the lockdown. “If every petty is handed over to the CBI, then the central government should set up a CBI office attached to all the police stations in the state,” he said.

Further, the High Court also took serious view on the comments made against the court and the judges in various social media platforms and websites. The court has issued notices to various social media platforms. The court gave three weeks time for the respondents to reply to the notices. The court posted the next hearing on the case to June 16.

Earlier, reacting to Nandigam Suresh comments against the High Court, TDP politburo member Varla Ramaiah had recently appealed to the AP High Court to take suo motu notice and initiate contempt proceedings against him for making such disparaging remarks against the judiciary. He also demanded that Nandigam Suresh’s Lok Sabha membership be suspended.

In the past, the High Court had also initiated contempt of court proceedings against Andhra Pradesh Chief Secretary, DGP Gautam Sawang and other top officials for violating the court’s directive to remove YSRCP party colours on government buildings and panchayat offices.

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  1. The ysrcp leaders should be arrested for questioning the ntegrity of the courts. This only goes to show the illiteracy and ignorance of the MP and mlas. It is unfortunate that these people are getting away with such remarks. A lesson should be taught. Arresting them under appropriate sections of the law is the only way one can uphold the dignity of the judiciary

  2. Yadha raja thatha praja representatives. CM jagan also cast aspersions on constitutional body like sec. He attributed motives to nimmagadda Ramesh kumar saying he belong to the same social community as Naidu. Jagan is urban literate having studied in premier Hps in Begumpet which has produced such stalwarts like Satya Nadella, Shantanu narayen and the likes. Such a shame that even so called English educated are making such comments. Shame

  3. If they get away with the comments, there is a threat of common man losing faith in judiciary. How can these comments be taken lightly. Attacking political detractors is one thing, making contempt remarks against the courts is another. No pardon, no bail. They should be sent straight to jails.

  4. These are the people against whom there are serious criminal charges. Ironically, these are the people who out of ignorance or sheer brazen arrogance are making such comments. Jagan should explain what disciplinary action he has initiated against his colleagues for making such remarks. But expecting such action from jagan is fool hardy as he himself has been making controversial comments against constitutional bodies

  5. The jagan government doesn’t seem to learn anything from the recent court verdicts. Despite a series of adverse remarks against the jagan government, the ysrcp leaders are making contempt remarks with impunity. It is time to impose presidential rule for lawlessness and disrespect to judiciary

  6. The ysrcp probably think the judiciary is blind and is not watching the utter failure of government in upholding the dignity and sovereignty of courts. The ysrcp leaders are blinded by their sheer ignorance. The international media is also writing reports against the present dispensation in ap.

  7. The punishment should be severe in that anyone who tries to make comments lowering the dignity of judges should dread, shudder with fear. This is not acceptable. One can make comments against political opponents in a democratic manner using non-offensive and non-abusivd language. But comments against courts and judges is a big NO. Dont these leaders know something called subjudice and contempt, even the lay understand these terms

  8. This is a conscious and deliberate attack on the judiciary. As a matter of fact, it is a proxy war unleashed by the ysrcp against the courts by paying some illiterate people to post comments against judges in social media. But here’s the thing if parliamentarians like nandigam suresh make contempt remarks it is natural for paid social media artists to work from their dark rooms to disrespect the judiciary

  9. Friends what do you expect from ignorant politicians
    Goons and hooligans against whom there are criminal cases can be expected to make these comments. It is a pity the ycp leadership has failed to discipline its leaders. Nandigam suresh, kodali nani Krishna Mohan are illiterate people. Beyond hurling abuses, they cannot debate. Sadly, we have such people across all parties and in all states of the country. In all this, I fail to understand what the central government is doing? It is time we have atmanirbhar judiciary, it is time the Modi govt restores atmabhiman of the judges and courts. Else common will live in a state of constant fear and intimidation of goons, hooligans, criminals if the judiciary fails to take punitive action

    • They have loads of ill gotten wealth. Rs 1 lakh or rs 5 lakh fine is like peanuts. One month jail term is like picnic for criminals who will enjoy the prison life with all state comforts like choicest food like biryani, tv and everything else. The mlas and mps should be barred from contesting elections and should be stripped off their current posts plus they should be confined to at least 5 year jail term. First, such comments should be nonbailable offense.

  10. I completely agree with Mr Krishnamoorhy’s views that the MLAs and MPs should be stripped of their current posts and should be disallowed to contest future elections. Further, the contempt laws should be reviewed. A mere apology after making contempt remarks against courts should not be allowed. One can make contempt comments against the judiciary and simply apologizing should be done away with. The only way to deter the public representatives or any individual from making such remarks is to reform laws, introducing stringent laws and implementation of the same will act as deterrence.

  11. this should be treated as sedition, wilful disobedience of law. These people should be treated under Section 124a of the IPC (Indian Penal Code). The law should be wider in that the sedition law should also apply to individuals and public representatives who make remarks against the judiciary. Currently, the law defines words, spoken or written, or signs, or by visual representation, or otherwise, brings or attempts to bring hatred or contempt, or excites or attempts to excite resentment towards the government is punishable by law, with fine and a maximum punishment of life imprisonment. This has to be widened. Words, spoken or written, or signs, or by visual representation, or otherwise, brings or attempts to bring hatred or contempt, or excites or attempts to excite resentment towards the judiciary should be treated as sedition.

  12. Utter disregard for judiciary. This is sending omninous signals. Not a good sign for democracy. The modi govt should step in. Stringent punishment is the need of hour. These guys should be behind bars. Sadly, they are roaming freely. If an ordinary citizen, jumps the signal or fails to wear a helmet immediately cops penalise them. Such grave crime is never taken seriously


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