Atchannaidu being sent to jail again and again


In the past, TDP leader Atchannaidu was kept in jail for over 83 days in the ESI case. Now, he is sent to prison once again on 14 days remand. This time, the police booked a case against Atchannaidu on the charges of threatening his own close relative Kinjarapu Appanna.

The charge was that Atchannaidu threatened Appanna not to file nomination in the panchayat election. It was the case or the jail that greatly alarmed the TDP leader. He is fuming and asking how the local DSP and the CI could come straight into his bedroom during the early morning hours. Atchannaidu was recalling that he had never skipped the police notices earlier. If they asked him to come to the police station, he would have done the same without giving any trouble.

Atchannaidu said that it was very insulting that some policemen were behaving worse than the YCP activists. He further said that the TDP would not leave all those erring policemen who were targetting its leaders now.

What more, Atchannaidu asserted that their party would come to power next. He would ask Chandrababu Naidu to give the Home Ministry to him. Then all these erring policemen would be made to pay heavily for the wrongs they were committing right now.

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  1. ఎలాగైనా టర్మ్ అయ్యే లోపు. 16 మంత్స్ అచ్చం ని జైలు లోఉంచాలని పట్టినట్టున్నారు .

  2. police department is fed up with full of Bribers and obviously a factionist is head of the governance, what else can be expected.. During CBN rule, we never see these of undemocratic situations..
    Andhra people should be careful enough otherwise Rayalaseema culture will be rubbed here as well..


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