Bharat Ane Nenu Worldwide Closing Collections – Above Average


Bharat Ane Nenu Worldwide Closing Collections

Bharat Ane Nenu has ended up it’s run worldwide with distributor share close to 95 cr. The film is a profitable venture outside Telugu States but it isn’t the same inside. It is a profitable venture in 3 areas(Guntur, East & UA) out of the 8 trade areas in Telugu States. The film is a loss venture for buyers in Nizam, Ceeded, West and Nellore areas. Though it’s an own release in Krishna , it has under-performed and will be a loss venture based on the valued price. The film has done pretty well in Guntur & East where it stands at Top4 & Top5 All Time respectively. Overall the verdict of film can be termed as ABOVE AVERAGE.

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AreaPre release Business (incl p&p)Closing ShareProfit or Loss
Nizam 22 Cr19.10 Cr. Loss

Ceded 12 Cr9.95 Cr. Loss
UA 8.7Cr8.80 Cr. Profit
Guntur (Krishna + Guntur) 13.80Cr8.35 Cr. Profit if sold
East 6.70 Cr6.95 Cr. Profit
West5.70Cr4.45 Cr Loss
Krishna(Krishna + Guntur) 13.80Cr 5.15 CrLoss if Sold
Nellore3.10Cr2.70 Cr Loss
Total72Cr65.45 Cr

ROI9.20Cr10.75 CrProfit
Overseas18Cr18.60 Cr Profit
WorldWide99.2Cr94.80 Cr

Verdict : Above Average

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