Bhola Shankar worldwide Pre-release business


Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Bhola Shankar is gearing up for a grand release tomorrow. Theatrical rights of the film are valued for over 70 Cr (excluding GST) & 79 Cr (including GST). The film has a very average advances and releasing with very low expectations given the track record of director who has made very huge disasters. Worst of mouth is going to be crucial for the film.

Area5 Days Collections3 Days Collections2 Days CollectionsDay 1 Collectionsworldwide Pre-release business
Nizam5.87 Cr5.53 Cr4.80 Cr3.80 Cr22 Cr (Valued)
Ceeded3.08 Cr2.85 Cr2.25 Cr1.75 Cr12 Cr (NRA)
UA2.73 Cr2.5 Cr2 Cr1.55 Cr9.5 Cr (NRA)
Guntur2.33 Cr2.25 Cr1.98Cr1.75 Cr6 Cr (Valued)
East1.93 Cr1.81 Cr1.51Cr1.3 Cr6 Cr (Valued)
Krishna1.33 Cr1.24 Cr1.02Cr0.85 Cr4.8 Cr (Valued)
West2.23 Cr2.13 Cr2 Cr1.85 Cr4.8 Cr (NRA)
Nellore1.13 Cr1.05 Cr0.86Cr0.73 Cr3 Cr
AP/TS20.63 Cr (23.11 Cr including GST)19.36 Cr (21.65 Cr including GST)16.42 Cr (18.30 Cr including GST)13.58 Cr (15.05 Cr including GST)68.1 Cr (60 Cr excluding GST)
ROI1.45 Cr1.30 Cr0.95Cr0.6 Cr5 Cr
OS1.95 Cr1.95Cr1.9Cr1.7 Cr6 Cr
Worldwide Share24.03 Cr (26.51 Cr including GST)22.61 Cr (24.90 Cr including GST)19.27 Cr (21.15 Cr including GST)15.88 Cr (17.35 Cr including GST)
Worldwide Rights79 Cr (including GST)79 Cr (including GST)79 Cr (including GST)79 Cr (including GST)79.1 Cr (71 excluding GST)

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