Bigg boss Day 27: Awards day


Weekend episode of Bigg boss was an entertaining episode and most of the screen time of this episode was filled with awards ceremony by Nagarjuna to the housemates. Nagarjuna announced the awards and explained the reasons for those awards.

The Awards:

  • Baba Bhaskar got pressure cooker award for not opening up himself fully and keeping all the pressure within himself.
  • Sreemukhi got loud speaker for the reasons known to all the audience of Bigg boss as well as of her other shows.
  • Rahul got big mouth award for using his tongue to manipulate other housemates
  • Mahesh Vitta got match box award for passing on the discussions of one group to other groups.
  • Rohini got scissors award for cutting the wrong discussions cleverly in the initial stage itself.
  • Ali Reza got Flute award for mesmerizing the housemates to get attracted to him and help him in the tasks.
  • Vitika got magnifying glass award for unnecessarily magnifying small issues.
  • Varun got Pine apple award and it is known news that his wife Vitika called him a ‘fruit’ for getting defeated in the tasks so easily.
  • Punarnavi got umpire award, which is a satire on her as she doesn’t participate in the physical tasks but sits at a corner and passes judgmental comments on other housemates who are participating in the task.
  • Ashu Reddy also got similar award ‘Aata lo aratipandu” which is a telugu phrase to describe some non-player in the game.
    Ravi got big ear award for listening to all the housemates.
  • Himaja got “chichubuddi” (kind of a fire ball) award that will have full power in the beginning and suddenly dissipates all that power.
  • Shiva jyothy got onion award for shedding tears all the time in the house.

Out of these awards, it looks like the awards given to Mahesh, Rahul, Vitika, Punarnavi and Ashu have negative tone while others have positive or neutral tone.


Out of the seven housemates in the nomination zone – Baba, Sreemukhi, Varun, Rahul, Rohini and Shiva jyothy, today Shiva Jyothy and Varun got saved from eviction today. Baba Bhaskar, Sreemukhi, Rahul, Rohini and Ravi are still in danger zone. As per reports, Rahul, Rohini and Shivajyothy got least scores and people expected one of these three to be eliminated this week. But Bigg boss gave surprise by saving Shivajyothy on Saturday itself. We will have to wait and see who gets evicted tomorrow.

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