Bigg boss day 5: Repetitive “Who is Kattappa” task turned the episode boring


The Bigg boss tomato pulp factory continued today as well but the housemates got only 2000 points for this task, which is a very poor score indeed. Overall this is an average episode filled with chit chat and repetitive task of ‘Who is Kattappa’.

Housemates Chitchat:

Later, after finishing the task, housemates went into relaxation mode and did some chit chat. During the chit chat, Amma Rajasekhar passed some jokes about Monal Gajjar wiping off the sweat of Akhil. While housemates enjoyed the light-hearted conversation, Akhil was upset about this but he did not open up in front of the group.

Later, at the kitchen, Amma Rajasekhar was sen flirting with Divi. But during the conversation, he mistakenly put tea powder in oil, and Surya Kiran and Noel made commented that Amma Rajasekhar and Divi’s combination is also like oil and tea powder.

Monal was seen mingling with Abijeeth and Akhil and able to do conversations with them. She also expressed her thoughts about what kind of person she wants to marry.

Later Amma Rajasekhar was seen discussing with Surya Kiran, Noel, Sohail, etc, and entertained them with some jokes. He called this group as ‘street boys’ group and called the other contestants as ‘ English speaking group’. He tried to make fun of the other group. In that process, he forgot that Sohail is sitting in front of him and passed some sarcastic comments on him too.

Who is Kattappa?

Bigg boss again asked the same question today. Housemates have to tell who they think is Kattappa in the house. This is the third time Bigg boss asking housemates the same question to the housemates. Each of the housemates expressed their opinion and named a person. But Noel told he did not want to name any person and he named himself as Kattappa. Housemates objected to this. Contestants like Sohail said, Noel is trying to play sympathy game. Noel objected to these comments and that led to some arguments. Later Bigg boss announced that he won’t be revealing who is Kattappa now but soon housemates will know the answer. This disappointed the housemates.

Finally, Friday episode was an average one with most of the episode filled with regular chit chat. The only task that was given today. i.e. “Who is Kattapa” also was very boring as it became very repetitive. The audience is now waiting to see who is going to be evicted from the house in the first week of Bigg boss season 4.

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