Bigg boss episode 87: Family members of the housemates in the house


In every season of Bigg boss, there are some repeated formulas. Some physical tasks, some conversations, and some emotions repeat almost in every season. One such situation is family members of the housemates joining the house. Today, family members of season 3 joined the house.

Prior to that, Bigg boss made the house a star hotel in which, Varun Sandesh is the manager of the hotel, Vithika, Sreemukhi, and Baba are chefs and Ali, Rahul and Shiva Jyothi are housekeeping staff. While they are involved in this Bigg boss hotel tasks, Bigg boss may ask them to ‘freeze’ or ‘dance’ or ‘go into sleep mode’ or ‘do fire drill’ etc. While they are busy following Bigg boss orders, family members of housemates join the house.

The first one to join this season is, Vithika’s sister. Vithika, who was busy obeying Bigg boss order of ‘fire drill’ when she entered, got emotional after seeing her. The next one to enter is Ali’s wife. Just before her entry, Ali spoke funnily about his wife saying, he is not very excited to see her as it is not a new face. Ali was in sleeping mode when she entered the house. Their conversation will continue in the next episode.

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