Bigg boss Saturday night shocker to audience through Rahul’s fake elimination


Bigg boss gave a shocker to the audience this weekend through fake elimination. Initially, Nagarjuna announced that there will be double elimination this week and that statement shocked audience as there are only three contestants nominated for eviction this week i.e. Mahesh, Himaja and Rahul. Everyone thought, as Rahul has good voting, both Himaja and Mahesh will exit this week.

Rahul’s elimination:

However, when Nagarjuna announced that Rahul is eliminated. entire house got shocked as they are sure that Rahul is the strongest contestant among these three. In fact, during the earlier discussion, Vitika told that both Mahesh and Himaja has equal chances of exiting this week but there is no chance of Rahul getting eliminated. Even when Nagarjuna asked the housemates today about who may get eliminated, most of the housemates predicted Himaja may get eliminated.

Punarnavi’s reaction on Rahul’s elimination:

It is known news that Rahul has been trying to impress Punarnavi since the first week of this season. He directly asked her many times, albeit jovially, whether she accepts if he proposes her after coming out of the house. Moreover, this week, Rahul is in nomination because of Punarnavi. He sacrificed for her by drinking 20 glasses of bitter gourd juice to save her from nominations. Moreover, when Bigg boss gave an option to Punarnavi to nominate herself for entire season to save Rahul from nominations this week, he himself did not agree for that and he came into nominations willingly. So, Punarnavi has been saying, he should not get evicted this week, as it will make her feel guilty.

However, before announcing Rahul’s elimination, Nagarjuna asked Punarnavi how is she feeling about Rahul’s sacrifice to save her from nominations. For that, she replied casually saying, he would have done the same even if some other housemate is in her position. Nagarjuna teased both of them a lot by asking Rahul, why did he sacrifice for someone who wanted to cut the friendship with him. Rahul answered for this saying, that statement of Punarnavi was not heartful. But when Nagarjuna announced Rahul is eliminated, Punarnavi was completely in tears. She asked Nagarjuna, with whom should she fight now on in the house.

Other tasks today:

Even though there were some other good tasks today, Rahul’s fake elimination overshadowed all other things. Before nomination process, Nagarjuna gave a task and as per that task, Mahesh will hold the photos of the family members of housemates who entered the house in previous episode and housemates get a chance to speak out their heart as if those family members are present before them. While all spoke emotionally, the way Baba Bhaskar spoke funnily and yet emotionally liked by many.

Varun broke the myth:

Apart from Punarnavi, all other housemates also cried a lot after knowing Rahul’s elimination. In fact by crying a lot Varun broke the myth that men can’t cry. It is known news that he could not cry as part of a task in previous episode.

Overall it was a blockbuster episode. But only thing is that most of the audience also were doubtful when Nagarjuna announced Rahul’s elimination. Some audience even predicted that Rahul might be sent to secret room. We will have to wait till next episode to see who will be the actual elimination this week.

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