Bigg boss tidbits: Kaushal double standards exposed


Kaushal who got fame from Bigg Boss season 2 earned lot of fans as well as anti fans from this show. His fans connected to him emotionally when he was bullied by other housemates and after that we have been supporting him in everything he is doing. However his double standards exposed in yesterday’s episode.

Yesterday episode Kaushal and Nutan Naidu were seen talking privately. during this discussion Kaushal was talking about Babu gogineni and he was seen calling Babu gogineni as “vaadu, veedu” . Nutan Naidu asked Kaushal to talk to Babu gogineni directly if he has any differences with him. For that Kaushal replied ” vaanni pilichi manam maatlaadedi enti “. Kaushal was seen calling Babu gogineni “Vaadu , Veedu” several times. Kaushal also criticized Babu calling himself bigger Boss and wearing T-shirts with such caption. Even though they were discussing in the absence of Babu gogineni, he could have given some respect at least for his age. Most of the housemates, even when they were talking in the absence of other person, were seen calling them respectfully or by their name.

When Tejaswi called Kaushal “vaadu” during a task ( in which Bhanu alleged Kaushal inappropriately touched her), Nani slammed her in weekend episode. We will have to see if Nani at least remind Kaushal about this during weekend episode or he will also be carried away by Kaushal Army and Kaushal fans’ positive comments on whatever Kaushal does.

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  1. I wonder whether you know or not the exact meaning of double standards !!! It was Babu Gogineni who was playing double standards instigating Pooja on the first day of playing the tasks with gold coins. I agree that Kaushal is disrespecting Babu G, but he deserves that as he always tries to influence others to vote against Kaushal or Geeta. Why are you being so baised towards Babu G ????

  2. Arey pichi pulka… adi kaushal istam. Babu was the guy who was playing double game. Entha icharu Babu PR team. Nuv undedi america lo raihcedi hyd valla tho ilane untad mari. yedava.

  3. boss yedava iendi nuvve ninna jarigina tasklo personal vishayalu techindi avaru kaushal sir, right?
    kaushal gare personalveltam antavaraku correct nuvve chepu and kasta andari side alochinchu not only on kaushal side manaki one hour matrame chupistaru kani valli 24 hours kaushal chuttu tirugutaru so niku teluga kaushal sir gurinchi baga anta baga telidina vadivaite ila anavu.
    offcose asalu tejaswini avaru ani kaushal annadu gurtunda okasari kaushal pics chudu boss nike ardam ietaeee anta closega tejaswinitho pic digina sir ipudu bigbosslo ala enduku annadu just for money? I will say yes for sure. Kaushal sirki win ane vundi win win anukuntu pote future support vadiki avaru istaru nilantollu sollu chepakunda vunna one hourlo apudu judge cheyaku okna idi na suggestion

  4. Well, I do not see any double standards here. Yes, Kaushal was irked by Babu because Babu was playing double game and hence used that language, which is not considered derogatory in many places and languages, at least not in Telengana.

    Secondly, in private most of the people talk like that against people who they do not like, it is very common, I do not see any double standards in it.Anyhow, everybody has the right to vent their frustrations some how to remain sane in such pressure cooker situations and he did it so quietly, so people must appreciate him and sympathize with him instead of blaming him. Kaushal has been sidelined by all other contestants and they even openly use such language against him but Kaushal had never used such language against anybody openly.

    What you do privately is different and does not count but what you do publicly is counted. his discussion with Nutan was private (although it is private show).

    Kaushal is the best contestant in this Bigg Boss house and nobody can match his standards.


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