Reentry of the housemates, biggest blunder: Bigg Boss 1 contestant


In Bigg Boss Telugu season 2, two housemates who have been evicted from the house, later got a chance to re enter the house. This didn’t happen in any other Bigg Boss season in any language till date. Many people wondered how this could happen and Big Boss Telugu season 1 contestant Sameer, while debating in a TV channel , told this is the worst strategy by Big Boss team and because of this, people lost interest in the show.

Sameer argued, re-entry is wrong idea and people lost interest after re-entries:

It is known news that Nutan Naidu and Shyamala got evicted from the house in second and third weeks. But after Bigg Boss team decided to re enter some of the candidates, asked audience to vote for their favorite contestant, Nutan Naidu and Shyamala got more votes and joined the house. But, basic concept of big boss is that- some contestants will be locked inside a house and they will not be allowed to watch news and know anything outside the house. After isolating contestants, they may feel stressed and their original psychological strength will come out. So, as per the basic concept of the show, reentry itself is a wrong idea. But there are people who argue that, even wild card entries also know what is happening in the show and join the house later. But wild card contestants know things from outside the house whereas re-entered candidates know what is happening inside the house as well as outside the house and this will definitely change the dynamics of the show.

Bigg Boss season 1 contestant Sameer told that many people whom he meet during his film shootings also expressed with him the same opinion that they lost interest on the show after seeing this reentry concept. He added, they questioned, what is the purpose of evicting someone in second and third week if they were to re enter the house couple of weeks before the finals.

Shyamala’s game after reentry looked like sycophancy:

Shyamala, in her initial weeks before eviction never seen supporting Kaushal. But after coming out of the show, she came to know about social media trends and after re-joining the house she has been interacting the most with Kaushal. In fact it looked like sycophancy as she is intentionally moving close with Kaushal so that his fans may support her during the voting.

Not only Shyamala, but even her friends like Deepti also came to know about this. During Men versus women task when Kaushal cheated women’s team, Babu gogineni,as a rationalist, argued in favor of women’s team . However women told they don’t feel like being cheated by Kaushal but treat this incident as a lesson. Babu gogineni who participated in a TV debate after coming out of the house pointed that this happened because re-entered housemate giving clues about what is happening outside the house. He also opined, it is sad that they couldn’t fight for themselves fearing ‘armies’ outside the house. This, as per him, is defeating the concept of the show itself.

Nutan Naidu’s re-re-entries becoming a laughing stock:

Nani called him “Alludu (son-in-law) of the house” because he is coming into and going out of house many times. Audience wonder, why Bigg boss makers don’t understand such things becoming laughing stock among audience.

No value-add from the re-entered candidates:

Audience also feeling, there is no value added from these re-entries to the show. They are neither great entertainers nor great fighters. What could have been done is instead of reentering these housemates, Bigg Boss team could have gone for another wildcard and introduced some entertainer in the house. Because what is lacking in the current show is the entertainment. Of course the tasks and the fights are engaging, but the show is becoming dull when there are no such engaging tasks and confrontations. Marriage task that was done couple of days back proved the same.

Will re-entries be in the finals?

Now the question is, will one of them or both of them be in the final episode? If that happens, it will be another blunder because, the ones who saw the game from outside and who are not in house for some time will have advantage of assessing the game better. But if they win title, credibility of the show will take a toll. So, it is obvious that they can’t win title. So if they find a place in finals, it would be injustice to some other strong candidate , at cost of whom, they secure their place in finals. After all others took more stress inside the house than them and they didn’t have luxury of knowing the game from outside. Moreover, the ones evicted in the first couple of weeks by audience becoming finalists will spoil the credibility of the show completely. That may affect future seasons of Bigg Boss.

-Zuran (@CriticZuran)

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