Boyapati Sreenu: The Reason behind the blunder of VVR


No filmmaker works hard and delivers a flop product. Cinema is a collective effort and if one among the team dominates or doesn’t care about the suggestions from his other team members, he will be blamed completely for the result. Things happened completely similar with Vinaya Vidheya Rama which ended up as a disaster. Ram Charan penned an open letter recently and he apologized his fans for falling short of the expectations. He is said to have been shattered with the film’s result at this crucial time in his career.

After the release of Vinaya Vidheya Rama, there are no talks between Charan – Boyapati and Boyapati – Danayya. Ram Charan’s recent letter shattered Boyapati Sreenu as he got completely ignored. The recent ugly spat between Boyapati and Danayya is now open and is discussed all over across Tollywood today. Charan too came to know about this and stood behind Danayya supporting his producer.

Charan and Danayya during the shoot several times opposed some of the episodes but Boyapati seems not bothered about their view. All these episodes have been badly trolled by the audience post release which left Charan and Danayya in anger. Charan even questioned that there is no need to shoot the action stunt in Azerbaijan but Boyapati made his mind to shoot it there. Even while finalizing the film’s cast, Boyapati stood on his decision and did not consider any suggestions of other team members.

This heaped up the film’s budget and Boyapati did not even make changes after watching the final rushes which made Vinaya Vidheya Rama a costly mistake in Telugu cinema. This is the reason why Boyapati Sreenu was left aside and the entire team of Vinaya Vidheya Rama stood against him.

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