Did you notice these small changes with big meaning in NTR’s TV show?


Is Junior NTR planning something big? He is prepping up for a political role in the times to come? Is he building his image for the 2024 elections? The big question is – is he using his hugely popular TV show Evaru Meelo Koteeswarudu to build his image? Avid watchers of the show say that there are definite indications that NTR is planning something.

If one notices, NTR has dropped Junior from his name. No one in the show is calling him Junior NTR. This is an indication that he is planning to come into his own. So, the word ‘junior’ has been almost forgotten. Secondly, no one is calling him ‘Tharak’. To all his friends, acquaintances and even to his diehard fans, NTR is Tharak. This is how he is called. But at the end of the show , NTR is signing off saying “mee Rama Rao.”

But in the show, the word Tharak is significantly missing. No one is using that name. Instead, starting with NTR, everyone is calling him Rama Rao. This will re-establish his connection with late NTR, the founder of the Telugu Desam. Another important aspect of the show is that womenfolk are calling him “annayya” . Nobody ever used this epithet for either Nani or Nag or Chiru in any of their shows. In the show, the women are seen asking him whether they can call him “Annayya’.

Brand gurus and image-making experts say that this is a careful case of image building. They say that consciously, NTR is being projected as NTR not junior NTR, Annayya instead of a romantic hero and as Rama Rao and not Tharak. Now the question is – is NTR doing this consciously to build his image as a face for the TDP in times to come? Will NTR clarify?

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