Does Raashi know the meaning of ‘naakoddu’?


‘Em Em Naatakaladutunnavaa anta sincere ga chesi eta mosam chestavoy.. na..naa nakoddu’ was the popular Tik Tok video that went viral for many days.

It was a phone conversation between a dejected boyfriend and his former girlfriend. The girl says ‘nakoddu’ (I don’t need) but it was twisted in the Tik Tok videos as ‘naakoddu’ (don’t lick). This double meaning dialogue and the hand gestures in the videos fascinated young boys and girls for many months.

In ‘Pratiroju Pandaage’, Raashi Khanna appears as a girl who is fascinated with Tik Tok videos. She also did this ‘naakoddu’ video. But does she really know the meaning of this double-entendre?

Raashi does understand Telugu and speaks well but did she really grasped this lewd video before performing it?

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