Don’t take our patience as a weakness: Balakrishna tells Jagan


Actor-MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna asked the Jagan Reddy government what would happened if the TDP cadres revolted during Hindupur protests. Balakrishna asked what would have happened if he had given one gesture to the 1,000 strong TDP crowd when just 20 YCP cadres were creating problems. He said that a very intolerable, vicious political culture is going on. The whole world is laughing at the state.

Balakrishna warned the Jagan Reddy government not to take their patience and peaceful coexistence as their weakness. He said that the people are very unhappy and they will surely revolt against the oppressive, cruel governance.

Balakrishna recalled how NTR projected the culture of Telugu people as one of pride and self-respect but now these people are losing their prestige in front of others. It’s becoming a bigger challenge for TDP leaders to face YCP attacks. The police are not stopping YCP mobs but they are filing cases against TDP leaders if they respond to ruling party attacks.

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