The double standards of Telugu news channels


The debate about bias in media is never ending. Every news channel is going to tailor the information and is going to present it as factual information. They are supposed to be informing audience about developments, helping them understand and showing the truth. There are hardly any news channels which are unbiased.

The context of the debate hardly matters, Sakshi will always endorse or defend Jagan. Likewise, for T-news KCR is a supernatural being. KCR’s recent spiritual mission was hailed by all the Telugu channels, but the national media was asking the questions which the common man wanted to ask, which the regional media failed to ask. National media is equally biased, but not one regional channel questioned these antics.

Being pro-KCR is T-news’ birthright. The channel should declare that they are not Telangana’s heartbeat but KCR’s. T-news that day was covering each move of the Chief Minister in Tirupati, while the students in the state were being arrested. They only broadcasted the news where Telangana ministers where lambasting Kodandaram.

Surprisingly ETV was on full swing covering the unemployment protests. On 26th January when AP students were protesting against Chandrababu, ETV hardly had a scrolling about the protests for first half of the day. But when the students of Telangana were protesting against KCR, if there was any channel that was giving first hand information and full coverage it was ETV.

People have seen through this trickery of each news channel promoting their leaders. Every news channel rubbishes off their tag lines with their actions. In fact people no longer refer the news channels by the names, rather they say KCR’s channel, Jagan’s channel, CPM channel, Chandrababu’s channel.

Accordingly they have made the choices of watching specific channels that cater to the needs. These audience take their words as truth but sooner or later they have to dig for the truth.

However, if one does not attach to any political party but wants to channelize political thoughts based on the work, the sad fact is that one really needs to watch as many different news channels as possible. Do not expect only one single news channel to be fair, applauding the good, and criticizing the bad work and most of all unbiased.

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