Funny incident: Sonu Sood may not get negative roles in future


Sonu Sood is a well-known actor in Telugu film industry as well as in Bollywood. Even though he did hero roles in some movies he is mostly known for the negative roles in Telugu movies. But a recent funny incident Is making one think whether Sonu Sood will get negative roles in future, Details as follows.

In a recent incidentA, a 7-year-old boy from Sangareddy, Virat, broke a television set at his house out of his love for SonuSood. He was angry watching a movie where the actor is hit by the hero. Angry that someone who saved the lives of millions was being hit, he broke the TV set into pieces. This incident was reported by some media channel. Sonu Sood responded on this incident in a funny way and tweeted, “Arrreee, Don’t break your TVs,
His dad is going to ask me to buy a new one now “

Even though this is a funny incident, it clearly shows how positively Sonu Sood image has grown in recent times. As that boy was a kid , he responded in a funny way but even the normal audience also may not accept Sonu Sood In completely negative roles as before. Probably makers have to create positive roles on par with the hero for him.

We need to wait and see how will be his future in movies.

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