Has Power Star lost his political punch after JV with BJP?


Usually, political parties enter alliances only at the time of elections to defeat their common enemies. Whatever be the reason, Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan entered the joint venture with BJP. These days, he is asking his partymen and fans to hold any protests in partnership with the BJP. Even on the Amaravati issue, he is not showing his former aggressive self but merely stressing the need for protecting the interests of the farmers. Now, Senani has given a call to his partymen to take part in protests with the BJP all over the state to bring pressure on the government on allotment of G+ houses to the beneficiaries.

The protest on houses was taken up just because the BJP wanted to highlight that Prime Minister Modi gave top priority to housing and it was more an achievement for the BJP than any other party. It is proof enough that Jana Senani is mostly following the agenda set by the BJP which has got less than 1 per cent vote share. Today, BJP and Jana Sena are jointly organising protests demanding that YCP should allot houses for which beneficiaries have already paid their share. On the other hand, the TDP and the CPI were agitating and demanding the Governor to deny assent for the Capital bills.

Analysts say by blindly toeing the line of BJP, it is Pawan Kalyan who may lose his clout but not his senior partner. As a national party with huge political ambitions, the BJP’s main focus will be on how to deepen the political crisis in AP only to take total advantage. Can Senani, as the head of a regional party, take such a risk? It is well known the BJP has nothing to lose in the state. The question is whether Pawan can just imitate and follow the BJP bandwagon. Pawan has also slowed down in attacking Jagan Reddy on Coronavirus issue too. Has Power Star lost his political punch after his tryst with BJP?

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  1. Pichhi pani chesadu. Tdp ni vadili , bjp kuda anavasaram ga. Tdp ni duram chesukundhi. Ade tdp to unte 4 seats ichhevadu. Pallaki mosi jaglaq gadini. Simhasanam yekkincharu . Kukka ni yekkinchinattu. vadini janalu yedo oka roju kukkani kottinattu kotti jail ki pamputaru.


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