Jagan’s interview : Megalomania and ego on display


Jagan gave interview on his own Sakshi channel today and expressed his views on various topics. He spoke at length about why AP people will not vote for Chandra Babu, about Pawan, Modi, and Congress. But at some point, people surprised by Jagan’s comments as they looked like displaying his megalomania. Ofcourse, there is nothing wrong in thinking Big and dreaming Big. But if dreaming big sounds like megalomania, it is very difficult to convince people to vote for their party. Jagan initially made his usual critical comments that Chandra Babu Naidu is helping his own companies like heritage during his rule, no one in AP is now willing to vote for CBN etc, He also commented that Pawan and CBN both are in the same group still but they are cheating people by pretending that they parted their ways.

However, when the reporter asked about KCR’s Raithu Bandhu scheme and it being appreciated by many and central government considering to implement the same scheme across the country, Jagan’s answer surprised people who are watching the program. Jagan told, the scheme was actually his own brainchild and it was him who first originally thought of this idea and pronounced the same scheme in one of the plenary meetings of YSRCP. He told that scheme was named as ‘Raithu Bharosa’ and if he had come into the power he would have been the first one to implement such scheme. There is nothing wrong in saying he also had similar ideas but Jagan’s answer displayed sort of megalomania and egoism.

While answering to some other question, Jagan told that his party will win 25 MP seats and dictate terms to center including special category status. This answer also seemed to be far from reality and just shows his mind-set. In another context, Jagan told, he didn’t come into politics for the sake of money but his aim is to create history. He added, his ambition is his photo should be there in every family in Andhra Pradesh. Usually a genuine politician’s focus should be on serving the people and lifting the lives of people. If he does that history would automatically takes care of itself. But Jagan focusing too much on creating history, and having his photo in every house – again proves how megalomaniac he is.

Earlier also Jagan’s comments comparing Pawan Kalyan with ant went viral in social media and netizens lambasted Jagan for his haughty comments. As this is election season, Jagan may have to watch his words carefully and he should shift focus from “himself” to “people”. Otherwise it may cost him in the elections.

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  1. What a nonsense statement that he didn’t come to politics for earning money. OK. where from he got all money for his business. Is it not from from politics of his father. It is the highest order of stupidity.

  2. Actually more than jagan.. it seems like telugu 360 is in megalomania and with egoism.. i thought this website is geninue and different from and greatandhra.. well coming to your useless and biased article above.. if u ask any party leader about how many seats you are expecting to win in future any leader would say all the seats..
    About creating history may be he is expecting a big victory in 2019 with 100mla seats without buying other party mlas like TDP or about development he is going to do if elected to power.. that looks like his goal than megalomania..

    His intention behind wishing his photo in every house hold can be clearly understandable even for a layman.. he wants to serve people to such extent.. again that his personal goal.. what is wrong in it??
    All in all, dear neutral viewers like me.. telugu 360 is suffering with mental illness after sleeping with cbn.. please switch to other sites..

  3. every politician wl think like that India may be Frist in the world.wy people using megalomaniac let him do it then wl use that word.every one sud appreciate that one is the duty of politicians from Galli leader to big leader.every citezen especially politicians responsibility wt honestly ad wt moral values.he is having that guts to help.wy u people r shivering wen he use real truthful words.u people r using business like words that deal also sud truethful.

  4. అరేయ్ లంజ కొడకా.ఈ వెబ్ సైట్ కమ్మ 360 అని పెట్టుకొరా లంజ కొడకా.అసలు బొల్లి లంజ కొడుక్కి ఎందుకు ఓటేయ్యాలి రా.

  5. This actual article doesn’t seem a fair review of what the opposition leader is dreaming. The main fact and reality of jagan’s interview was how clear and steadfast are his ideas are. And its the sincerity and commitment to serve people, talking out frankly about every point and the credibility He has shown is very good. Let alone jagan every politician dreams big, and yes they should dream Big cos we are a growing nation, and anything is possible. If this seems megalomania and egoistic what about making Ap as Singapore and Malaysia that was utter foolish promise by the ruling party. A leader should be reviewed fairly no matter who it is and when one cannot do it is not a proper citizen thinking a newly formed state to grow.

  6. Orey kamma 360,
    jagan padayatra gurunchi rayadam radhu kani , neeku ilanti Sodhi cheppadaniki time undha..
    Evaru emanna.. Jagan cm, neeku , pacha batch ki pagaladam kaayam

  7. Your report on Jagan’s interview kooks like you purposefully wanted to lower him. The contents revealed that you didn’t find any use of his interview. Please understand that YSRCP and Jagan are playing their responsive role in AP politics. Please respect the opposition leader and party.

  8. There no is other politician in the entire national and international political fraternity as megalomanic as CBN..whoever it may be come next in the row. Jagan is egoistic, no doubt but the same ego made him walk out of Italian dictatorship and float a political party successfully and let us not ignore this fact. And moreover his statements are not as funny as CBN’s “I taught PV Sindhu how to play badminton,” “It was me who tutored Bill Clinton how to speak English,” “Without me, there is no Hyderabad,” etc. Correct?

  9. Orey teligu360, emi cheptunnavu raa. Nuvvu raitu bharosa gurinchi telusukoni cheppali kada, adi chudakunda tappu Ani ela antavu?. Prati intilo photo undali ante, Dani meaning anta baga chestanu ane kadara, anta chinna logic ela miss ayyavu.

    Orey 25 seats naake vastayi anadam kuda tappenti raa, megalomania enti raa. E politician ayina, party ayina ala ankuntundi raa. Mari CBN 80% support annapudu adi over/tappu kadaraa?

    Ee article chuste nee opinion cheppali annattundi kani, facts cheppali Ani ledu. Jagan ki kadi ego, megalomania kadu, neeku / nee telugu360 channel vallaku unnattundi.

  10. Telugu 360 is also yellow media it seems.. I saw entire interview he just explained his views that’s all. Not like CBN he is creating fake news & statements to divert the truth by his yellow media..

  11. Yes,he said in guntur preliminary meeting and also it’s one of the nine navaratanas.don’t spread the fake news beware that people are changing


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