Jallianwala Bagh Massacre to be the highlight of RRR ?


SS Rajamouli’s next magnum opus presents NTR and Ram Charan as Komaram Bheem and Alluri Seetharama Raju. The duo never met in their life but both of them have been a part of the freedom fight. Rajamouli already announced that the film is fictional and is not inspired by real-life stories of the freedom fighters. As per the update, the deadly Jallianwala Bagh massacre that was a sensation before independence will be presented in RRR. The massacre killed over 1000 Indians and took place in 1919 in Amritsar.

It was this incident that created a huge outrage among the Indians and the country stood united to fight against the British for Independence. Rajamouli will present this episode and NTR, Ram Charan will shoot for the sequence soon. Taking the cinematic liberty, Rajamouli is in plans to shoot the Jallianwala Bagh episode in his style. A massive budget is allocated for the episode. The shoot of RRR is currently happening in Hyderabad. Alia Bhatt and Olivia Morris are the leading ladies in this high voltage periodic drama.

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  1. ఏమిటి. 1000 మంది పైన చనిపోయారా. ఈ వూళ్ళో సదువుకున్నావు బాబూ , 379 మంది. అని చరిత్ర చెబుతుంది. నువ్వు గ్యాస్ ఆంధ్ర లాగా తయారవుతున్నవే


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