Janatha Garage tops ratings, Bichagadu stuns again.


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The festive season in Tollywood this time was an action-packed affair with almost all channels airing top films released this year for the big weekends before and during the weeks of Dusehra and Deepavali. How did the TRPs ratings fare? Surprise, there is no connection between the box office verdict and the TRPs for some films while for others, it turned out to be worse than box-office performance.

Lets start with “Brahmotsavam” which turned out to be one of Mahesh Babu’s biggest flops. The movie got aired on Zee Telugu in the week of Dusehra. Despite the clean U certificate and great music, the ratings turned out be worse than the box office disaster! It got a total TAM rating of 7.52 which is one of the lowest for Mahesh films on TV. It appears the TV audiences just gave a cold shoulder to the could-have-been-blockbuster.

Let’s take “Bichagadu”, easily the biggest blockbuster of the year from Return-on-Investment perspective. Gemini TV bid it for Rs.1.80 crores after the stupendous success of the film in Tollywood. And telecasted it in a different week than when “Brahmotsavam” got aired almost similar to the fashion “Bichagadu” got released before “Brahmotsavam”. It hit a whopping TAM of 18.75 – one of the highest ever which compares it favorably with even superstar blockbuster films. Which means, the film is going to rake in good ads in subsequent airings. The surprising and sensational success of “Bichagadu” continues even in Television Premieres.

Now we come to the big clash of Deepavali for TV premieres between Zee Telugu and MAA TV.. Yes, we are talking about Trivikram directed “A.Aa” and NTR-Mohanlal blockbuster “Janatha Garage”. Both the films got aired within 24 hours of each other and had raised high expectations despite being released in different times. Yet, “A.Aa” got a TAM rating of just 12.36 which is quite low and disappointing given that family audiences love the films of Trivikram for his sensibilities and dialogues. On the contrary, true to expectations, “Janatha Garage’ outshines every premier in recent times. Even as the film was still running in some theaters, the film got a TAM rating of 20.7 which makes it one of the Top Ten most-watched Tollywood films on the basis of first-time ratings. The smash hit talk of the film along with a well-made film and the star power of NTR Jr and Mohanlal drew audiences to an arresting view. Sure enough, the premieres of this year’s Tollywood films for the big festivals turned out to be a mixed bag.

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