Lagadapati predicts upper “hand” for Praja kootami, will it be true?


Lagadapati Exit Poll

Lagadapati opened Pandora’s box by reporting his predictions on Telangana elections as his report is completely contradictory to the all other exit polls. While most of the exit poll surveys predicted win of TRS, Lagadapati predicted Praka kootami to get most number of the seats in the elections.

Lagadapati predictions are as follows:

Praja kootami: 65 +/- 10 i.e. 55-75
TRS: 35 +/- 10 i.e. 25-45
TDP: 7+/-2 i.e. 5-9
BJP: 7+/-2 i.e. 5-9
MIM: 6-7
CPM: 1

Will Andhra Octopus hit the bull’s eye this time too?

Lagadapati was very consistent in predicting election results very accurately. In 2005, during Karimnagar and Bobbili by-elections, Lagadapati predicted results very accurately and that brought him instant fame. In 2009, he predicted 155 seats for Congress and it won 156 seats. In 2012 by-elections, he predicted 12 to 16 seats for YSR Congress party, 1-3 seats for Congress Party and 0-2 seats for TDP. Later YSR Congress party won in 15 seats Congress won in 2 seats. So his prediction turned true. He also predicted that TRS would win parakala assembly seat and that also was very accurate. In 2014 also, Lagadapati predicted the winning of TDP almost 5 weeks ahead of elections. In 2014 general elections, even most of the national media failed to predict BJP alone passing the majic number of 272 even though they predicted NDA would form the government. But Lagadapati predicted that and people were surprised to see such prediction at that time. In Uttar Pradesh assembly elections also Lagadapati was able to predict almost very accurate. Infact nobody believed Lagadapati survey results when he announced Uttar Pradesh predictions. But finally after the result, people were surprised to see the accuracy of his predictions.

Instances when Lagadapati failed:

But Lagadapati was also not accurate 100% of times. His predictions on BJP forming government in Karnataka gone wrong. Also Lagadapati predictions on Karunanidhi’s DMK forming government in Tamil Nadu also gone wrong. However, there is always some difference between surveys Lagadapati directly revealed in front of the camera and the surveys published by media houses citing it is done by Lagadapati. But except this couple of instances, Lagadapati was almost always very accurate. At the same time, we need to remember, Lagadapati had his own failures too.

Why this report of Lagadapati is very different?

Moreover this time Lagadapati gave a huge margin i.e. Praja kootami will win 55-75 seats. Such huge margin of 20 seats is ridiculous. Moreover the lower cut-off he gave to TRS is 25 seats (25-45 seats for TRS) which is also very ridiculous.


But one thing also needs to be observed here that, all the earlier predictions of Lagadapati were more or less in sync with other exit polls and other surveys , even though it varied only to a certain degree. But this time it has become like Lagadapati Vs others as it is only Lagadapati who is predicting such a victory for Praja kootami while all others are predicting TRS victory.

we will have to wait and see if Lagadapati will succeed again or he will prove AGAIN that he is poor at understanding the “emotion” of Telangana people like he did during Telangana movement.

– ZURAN ( CriticZuran)

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