Lokesh begins youth outreach, looks leaner, more communicative


Nara Lokesh is slowly but surely trying to reach out to youth, students and women in a systematic manner. With Corona restrictions and lockdowns trying him down to his residence, he has begun an outreach programme online to interact with the youth, most of whom would become voters by 2024.

These outreach programmes, which began a week ago are aimed at repackaging himself. A leaner, tee-shirt clad, bearded Lokesh is trying to talk to the students, especially the girl students. He is raising right questions such as lack of jobs and the YSRCP government’s plans to hold examinations despite Covid restriction. On June 10, he interacted with youths on the issue of unemployment. On June 16, he interacted with intermediate students, whose exams have been postponed.

Lokesh tried to allay the fears of the students about the Covid uncertainties. Using the online platform, he attacked the YSRCP government. He called education minister Adimulam Suresh as a confusion minister and termed YS Jagan as ‘mental mama.’

This programme, which was aired on all major TV channels and their YouTube versions, tried to position Lokesh as a communicative , youth friendly and concerned leader. In a clever move, Lokesh covered up the shortcomings in his speech by speaking mostly in English. Secondly, he tried free chatter to endear himself to the youths.

This surely must be one of the strategies suggested by poll spin doctor Robin Sharma, who is advising the TDP. But the response seems to be encouraging. The general feedback is that Lokesh needs to improve his looks. He has become too lean these days. The lean frame is gawky and he needs to work out on this, said PR and image-making experts.

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  1. Bagane. Improve avutunnadu. CBN tarwata. CM avvadaniki. Keep it up. But avinithi chesavantunnaru. Future lo matram cheyyaku. Mi nanna la kastapadu.


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