Mahesh says ‘No’ to Spyder success meet


In the industry where makers boast flop movies also as super duper hits, Mahesh Babu stands out unique. Mahesh Babu, does agree to promotions and success meets when movie gets a good talk. But if movie gets a negative talk or mixed talk, he does’t show up in media. Though he actively promoted Brahmotsavam movie before its release, he neither showed up in media nor did he attend success meets. Now his recent movie Spyder also met same fate and it disappointed his fans and general audience alike. When festive season and holidays coming to end, producers wanted to arrange a success meet to cash on the season and minimize the impact of mixed talk on the movie. They wanted to arrange success meet at any one place – Hyderabad or Vizag or Vijayawada.

But after seeing the negative talk, Mahesh Babu declined to attend the success meet. Usually Mahesh Babu leaves for a foreign trip after completion of every movie. So producers planned to have success meet before he leaves for trip. But Mahesh Babu said ‘No’ to success meet and left for the trip with his family. So makers have only two options now – wait till Mahesh Babu comes back after two weeks or go ahead and have success meet without the protagonist Mahesh Babu. Obviously both the options are of no use for the producer and so the producers completely dropped the idea of success meet.

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