Minister’s post remains out of reach for this senior politician


Will senior leader from Telangana Gutta Sukhender Reddy’s dream of becoming a minister remain a pipe-dream? Will his plan to retire from active politics after enjoying a ministerial stint end up in smoke? It now appears almost certain that he would be asked to officiate as the chairperson of the legislative council one more time. So, a place in the cabinet is now a distant dream for Gutta.

Gutta has a long and illustrious career in politics. He began as the chairperson of Nalgonda dairy and then became an MP. He hopped parties, but retained his MP post. He joined the TRS in the hope of becoming a minister. But, he was made the chairperson of the council. Now that he has been re-elected to the legislative council, he is likely to be made the chairperson once again.

Though Gutta is yearning for a ministerial position and is moving heaven and earth to become a minister, luck seems to be not favouring him. KCR feels that Gutta is best suited for the council’s chairperson’s post. Now, both the chairperson and the deputy chairperson’s posts are vacant and Gutta is all set to become the chairperson again.

There are also reports that there would be no immediate cabinet rejig. This only means that waiting for a minister’s post could actually leave Gutta without any post of power. So, he may have to accept KCR’s offer and become the chairperson of the council. Given the fact that this could be his last stint in the electoral politics due to advancing age , Gutta may have to remain content with the chairperson’s post.

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