Modi-Shah power game to cripple KCR-Jagan duo


The BJP is on a new mission to reduce the influence of regional parties. The Modi government has fully operationalised a strategy to cut Central funds to both KCR and Jagan Reddy governments significantly. This is aimed at creating financial crisis that will make the two CMs unable to fulfill their countless promises to the voters. Modi-Shah are of the opinion that the regional parties are making impractical promises to attract voters. This tendency is increasing in different states and it is badly hurting the overall country’s economy. Especially, the Modi government is very critical of the single-point welfare agenda of Jagan Reddy Circar without any scope for developmental goals.

In the past six months, the Central government has steadily cut down its funds to both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Both the Telugu Chief Ministers have made many requests to PM but there has been no improvement. In recent days, the Modi-Shah have begun putting KCR-Jagan duo at a distance. Political circles see this as a calculated move on the part of BJP to counter the two CMs’ future strategies. BJP is suspecting that KCR-Jagan are still giving funds to regional parties in other states. If this is true, Modi-Shah may take a more serious hard line against Telugu CMs.

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