Naa Saami Ranga movie review


Naa Saami Ranga movie review

Telugu360 Rating : 2.75/5

King Nagarjuna picked up the remake of a Malayalam film and completed the shoot in a record time of less than three months. The film directed by Vijay Binni is an entertainer and it also has Allari Naresh, Raj Tharun, Aashika Ranganath, Mirnaa and Rukshar Dhillon playing other important roles. MM Keeravani scored the music and background score for Naa Saami Ranga. Srinivasaa Chitturi is the producer. Here is the review of Naa Saami Ranga:


Kittayya (Nagarjuna) and Anji (Allari Naresh) are best friends from childhood. Kittayya is an orphan while Anji’s mother passes away during his childhood. Both of them have immense respect for the village head (Nassar). Kittayya obeys his orders and never crosses his line. Kittayya loves Varaalu (Aashika Ranganath), the daughter of Varadaraajulu (Rao Ramesh) from his childhood days. When the duo decides to get married, in an expected move, Varadaraajulu passes away and this incident seperates Kittayya and Varaalu. In a sudden move, Dasu, the third son of the village head enters into the village and the rest of the film is about how Kittayya resolves the problems in the village and wins his love. Watch Naa Saami Ranga.


The team of Naa Saami Ranga took the basic plot and made enough changes for the Telugu version to suit the taste of the audience. A touch of Sankranthi festival and the tradition are brought into the film. The film starts with the friendship of Kittayya and Anji. Then the film shifts towards the love story of Kittayya and Varaalu. The love story happens with a vintage look with enough entertainment and romance. The love story is a bit lenghty and the conflict starts after the role of Varadaraajulu enters the scene. The film gets a villain after Dasu enters the story. The first half goes on a decent note without any highs and lows. The interval episode is shot well.

Though the first half has enough flaws, the crisp narration, well shot songs and background score of Keeravani and the interval episode makes the film passable. The second half of Naa Saami Ranga is slow paced and the episode of Anji was shot well. The story gets completed after this episode but it is dragged till the climax. Then comes a twist and the climax is shot well. The nativity and the theme of Naa Saami Ranga are well presented throughout the second half. Sankranthi vibe is an additional advantage for Naa Saami Ranga.

The second half has more songs though they are a part of the story. Kittayya has no past and Kittayya saving Peddayya during his childhood days was never shown on screen. The friendship and bonding between Kittayya and Anji was well showcased. The length of the love story should have been trimmed.


Nagarjuna has been presented in a new and colorful look throughout. His costumes are good and he did his role well. The film’s director followed Nag’s body language and handled him well. Allari Naresh and his comic timing is an asset for Naa Saami Ranga. He did well in the emotional episode in the second half. Raj Tharun will not get registered. Aashika Ranganath looked cute and beautiful in her role and she performed well. Nassar gets a powerful and full-length role in Naa Saami Ranga. All the other actors are good in Naa Saami Ranga.

MM Keeravani’s background score is an asset for Naa Saami Ranga. The film has seven songs and most of them are shot well. The film’s director Vijay Binni is a choreographer by profession and he composed the songs well. Vijay Binni also adapted the script well to impress the Telugu audience. Though the film is shot in a short span of three months, Naa Saami Ranga has good quality. The dialogues are decent and some of the episodes will not be accepted by the family crowds.

Naa Saami Ranga is a film that will appeal to the audience during the Sankranthi season and makes a decent one time watch.

Telugu360 Rating 2.75/5

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Naa Saami Ranga movie review
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