Nani retains the top spot among youngsters


Natural Star Nani turned out to be the favorite actor for every Telugu household. Right from the kids to the youth and the aged, everyone owned him because of his natural acting skills. The actor too delivered back to back hits after which he cemented his position in Telugu cinema. The recent debacles of the actor seemed to have no impact on his market or on his future projects. He is rushed with several offers and Nani is said to have signed six new films recently.

Though it may be a surprise but Nani has his dairy full till the end of 2021. He is shooting for Tuck Jagadish after which he will start shooting for Shyam SinghaRoy. Couple of youngsters are in talks with Nani and the official announcements will step out soon. Vivek Athreya already locked Nani for a comic entertainer. With several young actors struggling to find a promising script, Nani is left restless to pick out the best from the mad rush.

Nani is said to have referred several films for his fellow actors in the recent times. With a promising line up of films, Nani retains the top spot among the young actors of Telugu cinema currently.

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