No Assembly seats increase in Telugu states?


Any hike in MLA seats in the twin Telugu states would be possible only when this exercise is taken up uniformly in all other states in the country simultaneously. There will be no special increase for Telugu states at this juncture. Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kishan Reddy said that the confusion in this regard came up because of vague policies adopted by the previous Congress government during reorganisation.

The Assembly seats issue camp up once again as the Central government is expected to take it up with regard to the Jammu and Kashmir. But, it goes without saying that Jammu and Kashmir are a separate and unique issue where India takes up special drives to resolve political issues frequently. But the same yardstick is not usually applied to other states.

Kishan Reddy’s comments came in the wake of frequent rumours on MLA seats increase. Both the TRS in Telangana and the YCP in AP talk about this now and then. This time, the Centre is giving indications that there would be no such seats increase before the next general election.

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