… And Now Luxury Buses for Naidu and KCR


Once in power you would become the owner of chest of tax-payers money. You can satisfy your whims and fancies with tax-payers money either in the name of security or public purpose. Now, chief ministers of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are going to acquire bullet-proof and fire-proof luxury buses for their tours across their states. It is in stark contrast to the photograph doing rounds in social media of Britain Prime Minister Cameron who travelled standing in London Metro as he could not get a seat to sit. The buses of our Telugu chief minsters are designed to suit their administrative and personal choice at the cost of Rs 5 crore each. Chandigarh’s JCBL is building these buses with all amenities. Chief Ministers can carry their CMO’s in the bus. They can even hold meetings with a dozen of secretaries in the new bus. Apart from bullet-proofing and fire-proofing, bath room, satellite connective etc. have also been fitted. T-CM is planning to travel along the Haritha Haram in the bus. The arrival of AP CM’s bus will take some more time. Both, Indian politicians, especially South India, are known for their pomp when in power. The splendid display of authority at the public cost is now reaching a level vulgarity.


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