‘Parliament Drama’ – Review Rating 4.25/5


Following is the take from one of our reader, who usually leaves us his feedback about our articles, and the stuff we do! He pinches, praises and even takes a sarcastic jibe at us! You all know Telugu360 has been thoroughly covering the ongoing row between the Centre and Andhra Pradesh recently. The respective user sent his viewpoint in this context in a cinematic fashion and asked us whether we could publish it.

Telugu360, as always state, welcomes anything that is really worthwhile. We found this piece interesting, hope it interests you all too! Get ready for the drama.

‘Parliament Drama’ – Review | Rating 4.25/5

  • Movie Name – Parliament Drama
  • Cast – Modi, Arun Jaitley, CBN, Sujana Chowdary, and Rahul Gandhi
  • Written & Directed By Amit Shah – Modi – Jaitley
  • Producer – Indian People
  • Production Company – Indian Government
  • Music – TV News Channels
  • Genre – Election Drama


The ‘Parliament Drama’ is set in the current modern world. The story is set in the backdrop of Indian Parliament during the year 2014. After ruling the country for over 10years, the UPA Government plays its trump card; ‘Bifurcating the state of Andhra Pradesh’. Accordingly, AP is divided into Telangana and residual Andhra Pradesh. With UPA losing the 2014 General elections, NDA forms the government, with Modi as the PM.

The TDP-BJP alliance forms government at the state, thanks to support extended by Pawan Kalyan, an actor-turned-politician and Chief of Janasena Party.

During its time as opposition, BJP led-NDA did support ‘Special Status’ for AP. After coming to the power, the idea of ‘Special Status’ was shelved, thanks to the 14th Planning Commission. Since then, the AP CM flies to and fro to Delhi, more than any other CM in history (excluding Aravind Kejriwal who lives in Delhi).

Years passed by! In between we see Pawan Kalyan, touring AP and taking up some issues, at ‘his will and wish’. Three years have passed on, and here comes the fourth year. Arun Jaitley does his best by ignoring AP to an extent in his budget, at least in the Union Budget. Suddenly we see an uproar from TDP, followed by YSRCP and joined by Janasena. While TDP and YSRCP have MPs to stage protests, Janasena (that supported TDP-BJP in 2014 AP Assembly Elections, and did not contest) took to Twitter, and later called for AP JAC.

During the budget session, the Centre doesn’t heed AP MPs requests and demands. But as the sessions come to a close, the same night Centre announces that it will fulfil few demands with immediately.

What happened next? Why so Sudden change in Centre’s mind? Who is the Villain? Did TDP and BJP play back-door-politics?


Overall the film comes out very well, thanks to the excellent script by the trio; Amit Shah – Modi – Arun Jaitley. Amit Shah has taken extreme care in developing the characterization of Sujana Chowdary, who made sure that the character brings in excitement when the spectators feel whether it is true or not. Similarly, Arun Jaitley though has nothing much to offer, from acting perspective, he has done justice to his role. Needless of mention, Modi is the backbone of the whole film and managed to add some comedy, thanks to his left-hand remarks on Renuka Chowdhury.

The direction department is also headed by the same trio. Modi ensured that each and every AP MP is given equal coverage. Assistant director, AP CM Chandrababu Naidu ensured that Nara Lokesh, the upcoming TDP political actor, is busy with his personal commitments in the US. The episode between YSRCP Vijay Sai Reddy and Sujana Chowdhury is one of the best scenes in the Parliament history. We have a Cabinet Minister (Sujana), who makes us believe he is fighting for AP, and then the YSRCP MP opposes the Cabinet Minister, saying the Cabinet Minster is a part of the govt. and cannot fight against the government. Arun Jaitley’s direction comes towards the final hour of the Rajya Sabha, where he makes the Vice President read out an advice to the Rajya Sabha. Moreover, the way he handled the AP MPs is exceptional. Without speaking much, he ensured that the suspense is built towards final day, but strategically and deliberately ignoring the AP MPs demands during his speeches in Parliament.

The best part is Rahul Gandhi who shines for a brief moment. His demand for Special Status is often regarded as the best comical joke in recent times. With TDP going silent after the 6-day long action episode, the film comes to an end.

Overall, the script, screenplay and the direction department have performed exceedingly well, and this could well become a classic with times to come by.

Production Values, Cinematography & Music

The production values are standard. Given the permanent cameras fixed in the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha. The TV News Channels cameras were all the same.

The music is flat and routine. With tunes and BGM lifted from YouTube music clips, they don’t really impress the TV Views.


TDP successful in fooling AP people! Will AP people give TDP and BJP a punch in 2019?

Rating: 4.25/5

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