Pathetic start for Nela Ticket in overseas


Ravi Teja’s latest offering Nela Ticket took off to a very disappointing start at box office today. The poor pre release buzz has strongly impacted the openings in all areas of its release.

In overseas, the premiers days numbers are very pathetic as the film failed to collect at least half of Ravi Teja’s previous films. With an awful $ 32K from Thursday premiers, Nela Ticket registered one of the weakest openings in recent times.

Ravi Teja’s Touch Chesi Chudu and Raja the Great collected $ 81K and $ 135K respectively on their premiers day.

Nela Ticket is receiving very poor reports from all sections of audience and trade circles are forecasting that the film is likely to be a huge disaster in Ravi Teja’s career.

Directed by Kalyan Krishna, the film is produced by Ram Talluri.

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