Pawan fires at Govt over non-stop atrocities on girls


Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan is maintaining a low-profile on major burning issues like Polavaram and Amaravati. Obviously, these are issues requiring Senani to take a balanced political viewpoint considering his alliance with the BJP. But, in respect of the women’s issues, he is free to express his opinions. He already condemned the ghastly incident of 17 year old Varalakshmi who was found dead with her throat slit in Vizag.

Now, Senani has reacted strongly and bitterly to the molestation of a six year old girl in Chittoor district. Varalakshmi, who had a bright future, was killed by the Vizag maniac without any fear of law. Before any action was taken in that case, the six-year-old girl was molested by mindless miscreants at Royalpeta in Peddapanjani mandal in Chittoor district.

Pawan asked why non-stop atrocities were taking place against girls and women. The Disha, Nirbhaya and such serious laws were there but they were of no use to prevent these incidents.

Senani deplored that in just six months this year, over 584 atrocities have taken place against girls. The Government should explain why this was happening.

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  1. ప్రతింట్లోనూ , ప్రతి మడిసితోను. కాపలా ఉండలేరుగదా. మనుషుల్లో. స్వార్ధం , అసూయా , క్రోధం తగ్గితే కానీ. సమాజం బాగుపడదు. కానీ ఆ సూచనలు ఏ మాత్రం కనపడటం లేదు.


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