Pawan is Ignoramus: Raghuvira Hits Back


In a quick reaction AP Congress  expressed dismay at the ignorance Pawan was displaying day in and day out about the politics of the state. APCC president N Raguvira Reddy said Powan’s reactions suffer from paucity of information.

“Congress Party has been  continuously fighting for Special Status for One year. Right from Madam Sonia ji, and entire state Congress cadre is involved in the fight. It will continue till the special status achieved. Whey was Pawan whey we were collecting one crore signatures to exert pressure on center fof special status. Pavan Kalyan  is making comments against  Congress, may be, due to of lack information.  ,” Dr. N.Raghuveera Reddy said and added that he was ignorant of Congress activities.

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