Praveen Prakash heart-touching letter to Jagan Circar


Senior IAS officer Praveen Prakash was in news for his confrontation with Ex Chief Secretary LV Subrahmanyam recently. Now, he created sensation in the IAS and Secretariat circles by writing a heart-touching letter to the government. Praveen requested the government to pay him monthly salary only after the contract and outsourcing employees get their salaries.

Praveen’s letter comes amidst the rising concerns over the delayed payment of salaries to the class 3 and class 4 employees by two to four months. Because of the financial crisis, their salary payments are getting delayed much more recently. On the other hand, the senior level and IAS officers are promptly getting their salaries on the first of every month.

Praveen, who is Principal Secretary of Chief Minister’s Office, has also given a self-declaration towards delaying his salary till lower level staff are paid. He says that it’s thanks to the hard work of these contract and outsourcing staff that the government objectives in various programmes could be achieved.

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