Pushpa 24 days Worldwide Collections – Hit

Pushpa is continuing its blockbuster run in the Hindi markets although the run of the film in other has almost come to an end. The film has collected a worldwide distributor share of 160 Cr so far and is expected to cross the 165 cr mark with the help of Hindi markets.
The film now stands at the fourth highest-grossing Tollywood film of all time when all languages are considered. It has grossed over 300 Cr worldwide which is only achieved by only three other films (Baahubali2, Baahubali & Saaho) so far. Only the Telugu Version of the film has done a distributor share of 109 Cr so far and this is almost closing. It is at 7th position when only the Telugu language is considered.
The film is a profitable venture, except for the AP where the film had ridiculous pricing from distributors. It is easy to blame reduced ticket prices for loss, but when you know that tickets are slashed and still have the rights at something like Rs. 48 crores, the fault is with you as a distributor and not the movie entirely. We have already written an article about the Hindi version and you can read it here.
AreaWorldwide Closing Collections 24 days Worldwide Collections10 Days World wide CollectionsFirst Week Worldwide CollectionsFirst Monday - 4 days AP/TS CollectionsFirst Weekend (all languages) Worldwide Collections2 Days CollectionsAP/TS Day1 CollectionsPre-Release business
Nizam37.15 Cr (all languages 37.65 Cr)37.60 Cr34.40Cr31.20 Cr28.25 Cr24.90 Cr17.90Cr10.90 Cr36 Cr
Ceeded15.90 Cr15.80 Cr12.90Cr11.20 Cr10 Cr8.90 Cr6.30Cr4.20 Cr18 Cr
UA7.95 Cr7.90 Cr7.13Cr5.90 Cr 5.15 Cr4.40 Cr3.05Cr1.80 Cr12.25 Cr
Guntur5.35 Cr5.30 Cr4.80Cr4.21 Cr3.81 Cr3.47 Cr2.83Cr2.28 Cr9 Cr
East4.75 Cr4.70 Cr4.15Cr3.80 Cr3.36 Cr2.95 Cr2.19Cr1.43 Cr8.10 Cr
West4.10 Cr4 Cr3.60Cr3.30 Cr2.80 Cr2.55 Cr2Cr1.50 Cr7.15 Cr
Krishna4.30 Cr4.25 Cr3.77Cr3.44 Cr3.08 Cr2.71 Cr1.91Cr1.15 Cr7.50 Cr
Nellore3.55 Cr3.50 Cr2.90Cr2.60 Cr2.27 Cr2.05 Cr1.65Cr1.25 Cr4 Cr
AP/TS83.05 Cr83.05 Cr73.65Cr65.65 Cr58.72 Cr51.93 cr37.83Cr24.51 cr102 Cr
KA10 Cr9Cr8.5 Cr7.5 Cr10 Cr
North India36.20 Cr20Cr14.5 Cr7 Cr5 cr (valued)
TN11.5 Cr8.3Cr7.5 Cr5.40 Cr6 CR
Kerala4.40 Cr4.1Cr3.4 Cr2.30 Cr3 Cr (valued)
ROI12.50 Cr
Overseas13.50 Cr14.7 Cr12Cr11.30 Cr9.30 Cr13 Cr
Worldwide109.05 Cr159.85 Cr127.05 Cr110.85 Cr83.43 Cr139 Cr

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