RGV trying to provoke PK fans on “Officer” publicity


Everybody knows director Ram Gopal Varma is not in his form and has been giving disaster movies. in fact everybody got surprised when Nagarjuna who is good form gave film Ram Gopal Varma. Now Ram gopal varma released the trailer of his latest movie officer and it is getting lukewarm response from audience as it looks like one more run of mill movie from RGV. However RGV put The blame On Pawan Kalyan fans for this and trying to provoke Pawan Kalyan fans in order to get some publicity for his movie. In a series of tweets, he tweeted there are only 11000 dislikes for this teaser and he asked are there only 11000 fans for Pawan Kalyan in Telugu States that has nearly 11 crore population

He tweeted, “As a fan,I am shocked and feel sad for @Pawankalyan that he has only 11 k fans ..That’s because @Iamnagarjuna ‘s #Officer teaser 2 has only 11 k dislikes. @iamnagarjuna ‘s #Officer ‘s warning to @PawanKalyan ‘s fans is to put more dislikes on #Officer . As fans of Pk we request @janasenaparty to take this seriously as it might make the voters feel in nearly 11 crore people he has only 11 thousand fans. If @PawanKalyan has only 11 thousand followers in a population of nearly 11 crores, #JanasenaParty should take serious steps for their party not to become a bigger disaster then #Prajarajyam ..I and @iamnagarjuna ‘s #Officer demand that as fans of P K.”

It is very sad to see Ram Gopal Varma, who made films like Shiva, Rangila, company, Sarkar , stooping this low to publicize is movie. Even though he was not in good form, when he made “Killing Veerappan movie” couple of scenes and shots reminded audience of vintage Ram Gopal Varma. Common audience as well as his fans expect him to deliver good product and then concentrate on marketing rather than giving his 90% energies to marketing.

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  1. సాధారణ పౌరులు ఆయుధాల ఉపయోగంలో అమెరికాతో పోటీ పడుతున్నారు, ఇదే అభివృద్ధి అంటే.


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