Sakshi’s “over-enthusiasm” yet again


YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy continued his Praja Sankalpa Yatra on Day 33 Rapthadu constituency of Ananthapur district. As always he met people and asked them their problems, asked them if anyone is happy with current government and assured them each and every problem will be resolved as soon as he forms next government. At YSR Colony, he talked to students and told them that he would take the responsibility of their education and his government would come out with schemes that would help the students. Some students even took selfies with YS Jagan.

While presenting this incident, Sakshi paper published the photo of the students standing on the compound wall of school and presented it as students were so eager to see Jagan and they scaled compound wall for this. Actually it is very unsafe for kids to scale any compound wall and stand there for some time as any small mistake would cause a major incident. At least Sakshi could have avoided such photograph. But Sakshi is always overenthusiastic.

If somebody remembers, Sakshi published a photo and wrote a weird comments when YS Bharati was undertaking some yatra before 2014 elections. Probably it was during the time when Jagan was in Jail. Sakshi published a photo of Bharati doing yatra, people following her and a goat also seen in the photo. The article had a heading “Goat too (Meka saitham)” and the article said, “goat also joined Bharati’s yatra. In fact it followed Bharati and group for more than a kilometer. This led to people discussing whether that goat also showing solidarity to YS Jagan’s family. Some of them even thought that goat also beneficiary of some of YSR schemes. Anyway goat showing solidarity to Bharati yatra is widely discussed in the town..”. This is how the article went. Those who follow Sakshi regularly still remember that article.

Sakshi should come out of such overenthusiastic articles. Such articles will do more harm than good. In the case of students photo also, they should have avoided such photo which causes their parents nervous and presented it in some other way.

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