Somu Veerraju – CBN’s direction, TDP leaders action!


AP BJP firebrand Somu Veerraju stated that the attack on BJP National President Amit Shah has taken place under the direction of AP CM, and TDP Supremo Nara Chandrababu Naidu. Furious over the incident, the BJP MLC vented his anger on TDP party and CBN.

‘While CBN reacts in one way, Home Minister Chinarajappa reacts in a different way. While Tirupathi TDP President publicly states that they are going to protest against Amit Shah’s visit to Tirupathi. Everyone comes up with their own statements.

This is the very reason I dubbed TDP party as ‘Telugu Drama Party’. They are trying to confuse the people of the state. The TDP rowdies who attacked Amit Shah should be put behind bars immediately. BJP party is condemning this act of TDP severely’, said Somu Veerraju.

Surprisingly, the attack on Amit Shah comes after GVL Narasimha Rao made sensational comments that, all the political parties in the state should be prepared to brace dynamic changes that will take place in AP politics. Leaving aside whether CBN’s has directed the attack or not, the people perceive him to be behind the attack, irrespective of the fact.

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