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Sand Mafia Kills Innocent for Questioning Illegal Mining in Chittoor of AP


M.S. Rao

An innocent youngster was brutally killed at Ellapalle Village, Gangadhar Nellore mandal in Chittoor district. The victim was identified as A. Kishan, aged 33 of the same village, whose dead body was found at a sand mining area at the village. According to the locals, when Kishan tried to prevent the illegal sand mining and stop their activities at the agricultural lands, he was killed by the sand mafia.

Raghu, a local resident, alleged that the sand mafia was responsible for the death of Kishan. He explained that the villagers multiple times asked the sand mafia to stop mining there, which was negatively impacting their agriculture fields. He added that, despite their repeated requests, the concerned Mandal Tahsildar did not take any action against the illegal sand mining and sand mafia. The sand mafia not only mined the sand, but also took away the water pipes of farmers in the agriculture fields, he added. He further added that, the entire village and Panchayat opposed the mining, but the mafia did not stop it and now this murder happened for questioning them.

Nara Lokesh, TDP General Secretary, demanded immediate and complete inquiry into the alleged sand mafia and justice to the victim Kishan. He explained that the locals and family members of the victim were pointing their fingers at the sand mafia and ruling YSRCP leaders who were allegedly behind the crime. He criticised that the sand mafia under the Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy had been claiming the lives of innocent people across the State and this was the latest example for that. He alleged that when Kishan tried to prevent illegal sand mining at their village, the sand mafia brutally killed him. He demanded the State government to help the victim’s family.

Reacting on the incident, M. Ramesh, NR Peta ASI said that the family members of deceased lodged a complaint with the police on Thursday, suspecting the death as murder and the police started investigation immediately. Speaking over a phone conversation with this correspondent, ASI Ramesh explained that they lodged a complaint under CrPC Section 174, death due to drowning since the body was found in the water at the nearest sand mining area.

Ramesh further explained that there was no proper evidence to prove that he was killed, but they registered a case based on the complaint lodged by the victims family members. He further explained that they were waiting for the autopsy report and based on that police would take necessary action. He also informed that the family members did not specify or suspect any particular person or persons in this case and hence police could not take any action against individuals. At the same time, he maintained that the sand mining at the village was legally permitted but the villagers were opposing it. He added that the villagers were alleging that due to the mining, the borewells of the agriculture farmers would be affected badly.

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TDP MP revolts against Chandrababu Naidu

TDP MP from Chittoor, N. Shivaprasad, has raised the banner of revolt against the party leadership and said he could contest as the candidate of many other parties in the next elections.

Considered close to Telugu Desam Party (TDP) President and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu, Shivaprasad targeted him for ignoring the interests of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.

A day after the Member of Parliament’s outburst, Naidu reacted sharply. The TDP chief held a teleconference with the ministers and party leaders.

According to TDP sources, Naidu said the MP was interested in a piece of land and when the same was not given to him, he started making baseless allegations.

Naidu made it clear that he will not tolerate anybody pursuing a personal agenda.

Shivaprasad denied the allegations levelled against him. The Lok Sabha member said personal allegations were being made against him, instead of doing justice to SCs and STs.

He expressed displeasure over the attitude of Naidu towards him and said the TDP chief was not even giving him an appointment.

Shivaprasad, who also acted in a few Telugu films and is known for his antics to highlight various issues, hails from Naidu’s native district Chittoor. Kuppam, the assembly constituency represented by Naidu, is also part of Chittoor Lok Sabha constituency.

The MP had said on Friday that Naidu has not accommodated SCs in his cabinet as per the population ratio.

He pointed out that the SC and ST population in Andhra Pradesh is around 25 per cent, and they should get five berths in the cabinet but they were given only two berths.

“Perhaps the CM does not want the SCs to occupy esteemed positions,” he remarked.

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Tomato Crisis in AP and TS


After struggling to contain the spiraling prices of yellow gram, fine rices and other essential commodities, now AP and TS jump to source and supply tomatoes.

Hyderabad: After struggling hard with skyrocketing prices of yellow gram and fine rice, now Andhra Pradesh and Telangana government are trying hard to sources and supply tomatoes to people. According to officials of agriculture and marketing department of Andhra Pradesh, the tomato prices are all set to cost a bomb this time, due to bad crop season. Mainly, the tomatoes are grown in Kurnool, Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh, and parts of Nalgonda and Ranga Reddy districts in Telangana.

However, due to the unfavourable weather in the starting of the agriculture season, the yields of tomatoes have come down drastically in both the States. Prices of tomatoes in the Madanapalli in Chittoor district and Pattikonda in Kurnool district have been pegged at Rs 80 to Rs 100 per Kg. Even then, there are no sufficient stocks to the lifted to supply and too meet the demand coming from whole state. Also, the tomatoes are also sent from these two districts to Hyderabad. This time, there seem to be no such possibility.

“While the starting of the agriculture season posed an unfavourable conditions resulting in lack of water devastated the tomato crop in both in Chittoor and Kurnool district, which used to supply even to the Food Processing Units, as well as to different markets in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, “ said senior official from Madanapalli Market Yard.

Adding to this, the extent of tomato crops left by the end of the agriculture season has been hit devastating rain, making the stand crops exposed to diseases. This has a cumulative effect on the entire yield of tomatoes this season, he added.

Sensing that there is going to be a huge gap between the demand and supply, the Andhra Pradesh government has already started making efforts to import tomatoes from Karnataka. But, even from there the officials point out, that “required quantum of stocks is not available to meet the demand from different parts of the State. For, the tomato crop in Karnataka too has experienced long periods of dry spells at the beginning of this agriculture season resulting in the fall in the yields,” they added. Following this, officials of the State Marketing Federation are looking at different states, to source tomatoes to meet the demand in the state. “Recently, the government has constituted the Price Monitoring Fund (PMF) with a corpus fund of Rs 50 crore, so there is no shortage of funds to buy and supply for reasonable prices as a measure of market intervention. But, our problem is that we are not able to figure out the stocks for purchase,” said a state marked official.

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Kuppam to quench the thirst of AP villages


Chief minister Chadrababu Naidu is for replicating the Kuppam drinking water model across the State and involve corporate and industrialists under the CSR initiatives in the projects meant for drinking water. He prescribes Kuppam model as the real solution to the chronic drinking water problem the districts of Chittoor and Anantapur are facing. But, under Kuppam model the water doesn’t flow free of cost. Chief minister asked the officials to supply water but fix the meters and collect the charges in the name of maintenance.

Expressing concern over the water scarcity compounded by the fluoride problem, he asked officials to work on an action plan to provide mineral water to isolated pockets in these two districts, immediately. “Work out a plan to meet drinking water needs of fluorosis-hit villages. This should include immediate plan, intermediate plan and a long-term plan,” he instructed officials.

He asked the officials not to compromise on the making potable water to the households in rural areas especially, Chittoor and Anantapuram districts.Kuppam, his home constituency, has overcome the acute drinking water problem by adopting rainwater harvesting and setting up recharging structures. The CM said Panchayat Raj officials that the department should be in a position to supply at leader 30 TMC of water for drinking purpose. Chief Minister asked officials to make all the services online for 12, 918 through Panchayat Raj Institution & Management System (PRIM).

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