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Former CBI director Vijayaramarao changes color


When the TDP is formulating a strategy to win the GHMC elections, former minister and CBI director K Vijayarama Rao quit the party. He is transforming from Yellow to Pink, the color of the season. Those who closely observed Vijayaramarao may not agree that his defection is a shock to the TDP. Because, the former IPS officer has been out of sight for quite some time. He never became a popular TDP leader in Hyderabad despite serving as minister for five years.

There is an interesting story that tells how Vijayaramarao  was responsible for  K Chandrasekhar Rao taking the path of Telangana movement for his political survival. Chandrababu Naidu found Vijayaramarao, a former CBI director, more useful in pulling strings in Delhi, rather than Chandrasekhar Rao. He was inducted into cabinet in 1999 and ignored KCR on the pretext the the couldn’t accommodate more than one Velama. He offered KCR only the post of deputy speaker. KCR, though accepted the post of deputy speaker, felt humiliated and began searching for an opportunity to strike at Naidu. He found Telangana a suitable weapon and finally succeeded in dislodging Naidu in 2004 by aligning with YSR. Narrating this story P Janardhan Reddy, who was defeated by Vijayaramarao in 1999, used to say that  had he won the election, KCR couldn’t have become the champion of Telangana.

Vijayaramarao, after his lackluster high profile career in CBI as director, responded to the call of the then chief minister Chandrababu Naidu, given to the intellectuals of the state before 1999 elections, to join the development program of the state under TDP leadership. He was fielded from the prestigeous Khairatabad Assembly constituency, which was then the pocket borough of Congress strongman of the city, P Janardhan Reddy. TDP won the election with thumping majority in the state while the former IPS officer defeated popular Congress leader PJR. This forced Naidu to take him into his cabinet. As he could not shed his bureaucratic style when he was minister, Rao was a failure to make a mark on the constituency and PJR reemerged victor in 2004. Except attending some party meetings, Rao had never played any role in the party. No, doubt the TDP is in bad shape in Hyderabad. But,Vijayaramarao’s defection may not be a shock to the party, which has already been in the shock following the defection of Teegela Krishna Reddy, Talasani Srinivasa Yadav and G Sayanna.

Rao is said to have faxed his resignation letter to TDP boss by fax. He is expected to join TRS in a day or two.

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