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MAHAA Murthy to TV5 Murthy: The backstory


It is known news that Murthy, anchor in Mahaa News TV channel, had to leave his job after dispute arise between him and the management of the channel regarding a story he has done on Pawan Kalyan. Now he joined TV5 and here are the details of what happened behind the screen

Murthy rise in MAHAA:
Murthy, joined Mahaa News TV channel from ABN channel. He got prime slot in the channel. He improved viewership of the channel during prime time. The way he handled Kathi Mahesh incident featured the channel good viewership. Later he started debates on casting couch with Sree Reddy. Initially those debates also became sensational and got lot of viewership though some people criticized the debates as they were crossing the limits. But still he retained the audience for his prime time show.

But all of it changed with one story:
The so-called sting operation on janasena fund raising event done by Murthy, created controversy, not in the political circles or among people, but within the organisation he was working. he explained later in a video interview given to YouTube channel that the management of the channel stopped the story abruptly and as a person with integrity he did not like that and resigned to the job immediately. Probably if the story had really strong content, the management might have permitted him to continue the story. But the so-called sting operation, looked like Story that tweaks the facts. Though Mahaa TV management is pro-TDP there was pressure from managing director of the channel, Vamshi , to stop the story against Janasena funds collection. Vamshi requested Murthy to stop the story abruptly but Murthy got offended and resigned to the channel.

Murthy attempts to go back to ABN channel failed:
Murthy tried to go back to ABN channel but reportedly, Radha Krishna is not interested to induct him back as Murthy left abn twice in the past. Obviously , Radhakrishna felt that he is not loyal to the organisation.

Swamiji recommendation helped Murthy to get job into TV5:
As he already resigned to Mahaa TV and his attempts to go back to ABN failed, Murthy was in stress s most of the Other channels did not evince interest to join him in their channels. Finally with a swamiji recommendation he was able to get job in TV5 and he joined TV5.

We will have to wait and see how his journey will be in TV5. Whether he will get the position and reputation that was equal to what was offered in Maha News or not. Because in most of the channels, whichever editor is having that Prime slot will not be willing to give it to some others.

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