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Malli Raava Review : Shoddy love story !

Malli Raava Review, Sumanth Malli Raava Movie Review

Telugu360 Rating : 2.5/5

Actor Sumanth, who is in pursuit to score the elusive hit since a long time, is back with a new film titled ‘Malli Raava’ . Directed by Gautham Tinnanuri, this film features Aakanksha Singh as the heroine .

Story :

Malli Raava ‘ is a love story that occurs between the years 1999 and 2017 in Rajole  town and Hyderabad. In 1999 the then 9th class students Anjali ( Akanksha ) & Karthik ( Sumanth ) fall in love, but the girl’s family doesn’t like Karthik and considering their adolescent age , they restrict them from meeting each other. 13 years later Anjali and Karthik reunite in Hyderabad and decide to marry. But twist in the tale arises when Akanksha suddenly refuses to marry him and leaves for USA.

Rest of the story is why Anjali refuses to marry karthik at the last moment and what happens in 2017 when she returns from USA 5 years later.


This film starts off leisurely and continues at the same pace through out the first half. Director Gowtam is unable to establish either the feel-good factor or the conflict point properly till the interval block. Also, the sliced screenplay which oscillates between 1999 (Rajole) and 2012 (Hyderabad) and 2017 ( Hyderabad ) acts as a stumbling block to the narration and confuses audience at times.

For these type of stories, the adolescent love track should be winded up within the first half an hour (or) it should be narrated as a flashback within a specific duration. Unfortunately, that is not the case in this film. The teenage love story occupies majority of the film’s run time. The child actors who played young sumanth and akanksha roles got a lot of screen time on par with the actual pair. In addition, it is hard for viewers to sit through the stretched teenage love track. It could have been conveyed just to establish the fact that lead pair were childhood lovers. But it is extended beyond limits and tests the patience. This is the biggest drawback of this film and slow narration adds to its woes.

Coming to the lead characters, Karthik’s role is well-etched, but Anjali’s role lacks strong justified points to flip her decisions.

The background score is the biggest asset for the film. In addition, ‘ Malli Raave ‘ and ‘ Adugasale ‘ songs are super melodious and music composer Shravan Bharadwaj must be appreciated for his fantastic work.

Production values are not up to the mark, but understandable given the market dynamics in the present day scenario.

Though the director failed to come up with a coherent script and convincing narration, he must be appreciated for the fact that the episodes involving the tender love story are clean without any exaggerated romantic episodes which we usually notice in adolescent love stories.

Also, one more liability is the abrupt ending in the climax. While the first half in 75 minutes, the second half is just 50 minutes and ends all of a sudden.

Performances :

Sumanth and Akanksha look fine in their roles and render complete justice. The character artist who played Sumanth’s friend got a significant role as sidekick. Akanksha’s mother performed well, same with the artist who played as IT company employee.


All in all, ‘ Malli Raava ‘ is a failed attempt which showcases the story of two teenagers who get fall in love at a tender age and reunite after 13 years. Lead pair , background score , slight humor that occurs in an IT office are the only positives. The snail paced narration, unnecessary time sliced screenplay, lack of any commercial elements and Tele film-type production quality are the negatives.

On a whole , ‘ Malli Raava ‘ offers very little to audience.

Telugu360 Rating : 2.5/5

Release Date : 8th Dec, 2017
Director : Gowtam Tinnanuri
Music Director : Shravan Bharadwaj
Choreography : Naresh Kancharana
Producer : Rahul Yadav Nakka
Starring : Sumanth, Annapurna

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