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DJ Team Cries Foul on Piracy, No Mention of High Ticket Prices!!

In the Thank You meet held in Hyderabad by the makers of Allu Arjun’s ‘Duvvada Jagannatham’, the core team, especially director Harish Shankar and Allu Arjun cried foul on piracy and negative reviews. They had even lodged an official complaint against piracy of their film.

The venue has changed, but their laments haven’t. Allu Arjun, Dil Raju and Harish Shankar who have attended the NATS function in Chicago, have unequivocally talked about how piracy and negative reviews affect films such as DJ. They appealed the attendees and to whoever that is watching the function to not encourage piracy and watch DJ and other such Telugu films in theatres only.

Well, the Team DJ has conveniently ignored the ridiculous high prices set for tickets of DJ. At a time when tickets of relatively bigger Hindi and English movies are priced at $8-10, tickets of sub par Telugu movies are priced at $16-20. This trend obviously discourages people from going to theatres.

High ticket price is arguably the most probable reason for piracy. Even though piracy mongers resort to piracy, audiences don’t encourage it if they have the feasibility of watching those movies in theatres at reasonable prices. People rely on piracy mostly when the makers fix exorbitant prices for tickets. Makers should first understand this aspect and make amends rather than blame audiences for encouraging piracy.

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